‘Blackout’: Are Reality Defying Libertarians Doomed To Extinction?

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Some simple-minded, lite libertarians feel (for they do not think) that describing race reality is a feature of a collectivist habit of mind. Crimes described by their perpetrators as “polarbearing” or Jew hunting, these libertarians refuse to frame in anything but race-neutral terms.

Oh Buddha!

Imagine. You walk past a feral gang of black youths, like the ones depicted in all these terrifying YouTube clips. You smile bravely, place hands on honky ears and hum loudly as you walk by, until… you are coshed on the head by a black youth. Then another. And another.

As you fall to your knees near death, you congratulate yourself on cleaving not to reality, but to a dumb “theory” instead. You die a happy person, redeemed by piety.

These self-styled individualists—it must be clear that such left-libertarians are genuine idiots, not real individualists—may be doomed to extinction. Those derided as “collectivists”—as in a person who cleaves to reality—will likely outlive the self-sacrificing individualists among us. Sacrificed to an idea that has no basis in reality.