Cancel Culture Compliance Always Leads Back To A … Kneeling, Groveling Republican

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Twitter tiffs are hard to trace. But on matters racial and right-of-center, they invariably lead to a kneeling, prostrate Republican.

Prone is the natural position of the Establishment Republican, Con Inker, neoconservative, whatever his latest political permutation.

These days, this political chameleon (with apologies to the delightful chameleon community) has a new disguise: Con, Inc., as gladiator Michelle Malkin likes to taunt the reconstituted D.C. herd. As always, Con Inc., aims to pacify the Left and deceive the Right.

Over the authentic, Dissident Right, Con Inkers and the Left converge: We must be cancelled.

Like the Establishment Republican before him, the Con Inker expects Democrats to define the terms of debate. This means that each day ushers in a new kind of Kafka. From his prone position, the Con Inker Republican does nothing much but offer-up mea culpas to the enemy for his putative political sins as he inches closer to the Left. This enfeebled creature, formerly known as a neoconservative, keeps up the apologia even when his faction occupies the White House and controls the two congressional chambers.  

Ritual offerings accompany the bowing and scraping. Errant writers and thinkers who are not in compliance with the duopoly’s orthodoxy are denounced. Most have been purged (check).

So, if you are able to trace and make sense of the tweets below: Geoffrey Ingersoll, Daily Caller’s editor-in-chief, knows me. To his credit, Mr. Ingersoll corresponded with me cordially (if utterly insincerely), before discontinuing my column at Daily Caller, pursuant to taunts by the country’s leading hate group, the Southern Poverty law Center.

And, did I mention that the Daily Caller has written ardently against the SPLC, while purging people this hate group has placed on cancel lists?


Defeatism, hypocrisy and betrayal are generally traced back to Republicans, Con Inkers, neoconservatives.

My thanks to Patrick Howley and Cassandra Fairbanks for being standup people. Few are the people who man-up these days.