UPDATED: ILANA MERCER Twitter Identity Hijacked & Is Google Now A Proxy For The NSA? (DuckDuckGo.com’s NSA-Proof)

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The ILANA MERCER handle on Twitter—name and identity—has been hijacked by at least one rogue actor on Twitter, acting maliciously to impersonate me.

The holder of this fraudulent account has, naturally, altered his account’s URL, but is otherwise masquerading as me, down to my description on the original Ilana Mercer Twitter account. This shameless fraud calls his account “Live It Up.”

Another likely bad actor using my name (ILANA MERCER) on Twitter calls herself “Ilana Mercer (Viola_ti_do).” She has not appropriated the identity/description associated with my Twitter account.

What’s really suspicious is the results of the latest Google Search for “ILANA MERCER Twitter.” On a search for “ILANA MERCER TWITTER,” Google has suddenly (literally starting today) begun to throw up first these imposter handles and their puerile postings.

Understand: The impersonators’ posts are not current. Mine are. Yet a Google sweep has placed them first up on a search for “ilana mercer twitter,” and has made it well-nigh impossible to trace the authentic “ilana mercer twitter” account on its Search.

Questioning Google operations is far from unreasonable in light of the revelation that “the National Security Agency has ‘direct access to the systems of Google.” This writer, like many other libertarians, has moreover, written of Google’s collusion with the administration in “‘Thank You For Your Service, Mr. Snowden,'” the widely read WND, EPJ and American Daily Herald column.

Well before the National Security Agency (NSA) scandal broke, when the teletwits—legal experts included—were deferring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) respectfully as a protector of rights—this column had warned against the filthy FISA Court. In “From Sexting To Snooping In Surveillance-State USA,” I cautioned, in particular, that “Companies that give up … information to the government have ‘immunity,’ which has been ‘built into a 2008 revision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.’

Name and shame impersonators and mischief-makers on social media.

Question the search engine whose search algorithms appear to favor the “Statist Quo,” as opposed to reality.

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And remember, this could happen to YOU!

UPDATED: The NSA-Proof DuckDuckGo.com search engine gets it right. We are blessed with pockets of free-market innovators. One of them is an NSA-proof new search engine, DuckDuckGo.com. Guess what? Plugged into this NSA-proof search engine, the search “ilana mercer twitter” yields the authentic account, rather than the imposter accounts.

This is interesting.

Will freedom-lovers ditch Google for DuckDuckGo.com?