Reclaiming Childhood: They Don’t Make Kids Like They Use To

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My all-time favorite fictional kid has to be the kid in O. Henry’s (1862-1910) classic short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief.” Make your kid read the story. Read it yourself.

Not only is “The Ransom of Red Chief” an American classic (written by a southerner, of course)—it hearkens back to a time when kids had character; kid characters. Whatever happened to child mischief, to child character, to the Authentic Child?

Children today are miserable, sniveling clones, molded in the image of the adults around them, always noodling on about the “issues” their soft parents propagandize them to care about. Kids are shadows of their former selves.

Kids, reclaim your childhood.

Read “The Ransom of Red Chief.”

Parents, tell your kids to stop sniveling about raising money for breast cancer and return to being mischievous and naughty; real kids.

While you’re at it, buy your little guy “The Dangerous Book For Boys.” Oh boy!

The post is one in our pro-civilization, Adult Lives Matter, reclaim your childhood series-cum-crusade.

“Cold Turkey For Creepy Kids And Their Even Creepier Parents.”