The Great Gottfried On Mark Levin, ‘Republican Journalist’

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Like his work or not (I love it); in Dr. Paul Gottfried you have a deep, analytical mind. This is one of the reasons “conservatism, Inc.” dislikes Gottfried so. He’s not mediocre.

The feelings are mutual.

An ode to broadcaster Mark Levin, written by David Limbaugh (“Mark Levin’s ‘Rediscovering Americanism'”), elicited this reaction from Gottfried:

I find this stuff nauseating. It’s like we’re dealing with a deep philosophical mind in Levin, a modern Aristotle or Kant. I don’t dislike his political comments but Levin is a Republican journalist–and very little else.

Totally (as Meghan McCain would say).

Didn’t Mark Levin hate Trump when we Deplorables were for him? Now Levin supports the president for reasons we advanced two years ago.

In this soliloquy against Progressivism, on Hannity, Levin “forgot” to mention that progressives believe in Abe Lincoln, The Greatest Centralizer of all times, and SO DOES HE.

The other day, the Drudge news website was shilling for Levin and another broadcaster, Eric Bolling. Both have published new books. And that’s not Fake News?

Do yourself a favor and read all things Gottfried (his latest is “Revisions and Dissents: Essays”).


All wars when waged by a Republican are great.

No criticism allowed of the above.

I supported Trump but why the hell would that stop an honest writer from exposing his follies? A ditto-head could tell you.

Hypocrites all.

Killing while GOP.

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