UPDATED: The Vexing Case of the Vanishing Iranian Scientists

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I fully expect to hear former CIA operative Michael Scheuer on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch tonight. I expect Scheuer to implicate the Israeli Mossad in the killing of an Iranian nuclear chemist by motorbike assassins. For once, I expect I to agree almost completely with what Scheuer will posit on the show (if Nap’s producers have been quick on their feet, as I expect they have).

If Israel has indeed been eliminating Iran’s intellectual arsenal, it may be acting in bad faith, in seriously bad faith. It knows that the US has zero credibility with the Arab world. No surprise there. America’s lack of credibility in the Middle East is well deserved. Israel knows full well that if Hillary Rodham Clinton, “the gorgon who heads Caesar’s state department,” denies doing the deed, as Clinton has, no one will believe the woman who cackled, “I came, I saw, I conquered,” when she was informed of Col. Muammar Gadhafi’s execution by her proxies.

If Israel had indeed “recruited Iranian operatives on the ground,” as it is alleged to have done, to carry out these precision killings, Bibi’s government has placed the Obama administration in a very dodgy position.

UPDATE: I stopped listening after a while; I have an allergy to truth deniers such as Erika Payne. I think the story was not covered on Freedom Watch. Perhaps tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: The Vexing Case of the Vanishing Iranian Scientists

  1. Theodor Lauppert

    Many Iranians saw Col. Muammar Gadhafi as the “founding father of the Islamic revolution.” They will probably have felt deep satisfaction on the news of his death.

    In general I think that the USA still have quite a good reputation in Iran. It’s not so long ago that the crowds chanted “Marg bar Russiye” on the Mullah’s “Marg bar Amrika.”

    I can’t remember any (non-official) Iranian comments that the USA might be involved in the killings. There have been occasional speculations that it might be an inside job, but the general consensus seems to be that this is the Mossad’s work.

    But, as one forum poster said: “I wouldn’t get too angry at them killing our scientists. If Saudi Arabia was trying to acquire the bomb Iran would do the same thing. It’s just the way things are.”

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    Back when Iran was our “ally”, the State Department and the Iranian Government wanted MIT to train an Iranian-selected group of 54 Iranians:


    and I was quite skeptical at the time – “what if the Shah gets overthrown?” “What is Iran going to do – hold a Plutonium tupperware party?” – but what the hell do I know? This training was at rates well above normal tuition and bypassed usual school procedures at the behest of the State Department.

    Now, all of a sudden – it is nuclear death squads. I suppose it is better than an embargo, bombings, occupation, and drone strikes – but it is a bit “spooky” (“literally”, Rick Perry!). I guess the two positive things are: (1) delaying an Iranian nuclear weapon and (2) providing new job openings for scientists in Iran!

    Still, current policies of murdering Khadaffi after he dismantled his nuclear program and destabilizing Pakistan which has nuclear weapons only serve to make things far worse. America or England or Israel or Russia … – I guess there is something positive about “uncertainty” in the traceability of the attack.

  3. Rebel Without a Clause

    Shortly after the Mullahs’ overthrew the Shah, there was for some time a violent domestic opposition called “Forgan” that specialized in just this sort of thing: use of motorcycles for drive by shootings and bombings. I’d say the Mossad &/or CIA is now netted in with these people. Such State terrorism is, of course, an Act of War (cf. Sarajevo, 1914). I imagine the Iranians will eventually respond in kind. Or, they may simply sink the next US carrier to run the Straits. Israel, America, and NATO are embarked on a fantastically dangerous course. Oh. Did I mention 1914?

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