What I Predicted About No-Nothing Statistician Nate Silver, The Pundits & Pols

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From my June 29 book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed”:

… whether they’re missing the Trump phenom or the casus belli for war in Iraq—America’s deeply stupid, self-anointed cognoscenti recognize truth only once card-carrying members arrive at it independently, grasp and broadcast it, sometimes years too late. Not so the marginalized writers of America. Not in 2012, but in 2002 did we pinpoint the wrongness of the Iraq War. And not in 2016, but on July 19, 2015—when this chronicle began—did some of us, not fortuitously, finger Trump as “a candidate to ‘kick the crap out of all the politicians’” and “send the system’s sycophants scattering” (August 14, 2015). His appeal, as this writer has contended since late in 2015, transcends left and right. Conversely, vaunted statistician Nate Silver ‘calculated, last November, that Trump’s support was ‘about the same share of people who think the Apollo moon landings were faked.’ (Professor Tyler Cowen of George Mason University properly downgraded wonder boy Silver’s intellectual prowess. His prose was a sprawl that ‘evinces a greater affiliation to rigor with data analysis than to rigor with philosophy of science or for that matter rigor with rhetoric,’ wrote the good teacher.)”

MORE in “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed”.

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