Who Cares About Hope Hicks! Why Is The Excellent John Kelly Leaving The White House?!

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Journalists should be asking (but they don’t) why the most excellent John Kelly is rumored to be leaving the White House. Instead, they are rabbiting about a girl with super-model looks, Miss Hope Hicks, who left the White House.

Why is it of no interest to this incurious lot (the media) that the liberal Kushners had been gunning for White House Chief of Staff Kelly for a long time? As I warned on February 15, 2018:

… if Chief of Staff John Kelly is ousted, it will be the doing of the Goldman-Sachs West-Wing matriarchy. Dina Powel, former adviser to Ivanka and previously on Trump’s National Security Council [she has a BA], is a relic from Goldman Sachs and an Ivanka recruit. The affable Democrat Gary Cohn [he left, too], Trump’s chief economic advisor, is former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs. These “Kushner-Cohn Democrats” ousted Stephen Bannon from the West Wing, and are, no doubt, gunning for John Kelly.

When Powel and Cohn departed, the work to oust Kelly was likely completed by the Kushner duo.

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