UPDATED (12/19): Who’s Gonna Bust Robert Mueller’s Sham Proceedings? Meek Weak Jeff Sessions?

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There is no limit, seemingly, to the power of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In contravention of a quaint thing called the Fourth Amendment, Mueller has taken possession of “many tens of thousands of emails from President Donald Trump’s transition team.”

Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University in Foggy Bottom, D.C., said the legal territory Langhofer waded into is “a somewhat ambiguous area.”

“Why take the risk?” he asked of the Mueller team’s decision to go about obtaining the documents the way it did.

Turley said Langhofer is correct as far as claiming the documents are not the property of the General Services Administration, where Mueller’s team obtained them.

He said Mueller and his deputy, Andrew Weissmann, have a history of an aggressive style of handling cases, with the latter being accused of “prosecutorial overreach” by critics of the Enron scandal’s proceedings.

Turley said Mueller is possibly legally allowed to obtain documents this way, but that perception of the actions may affect the way the investigation is considered.

“Why do something this risky?” he asked.

Risk, Jonathan Turley, Esquire? What risk? There is no risk to Deep State operatives. Name one who has paid the price for taking us to war in Iraq or igniting the “Russia monomania.”

Who’s going to bust Robert Mueller’s sham, kangaroo proceedings? The meek, weak Jeff Sessions?

Of course, dumbo Napolitano claims differently than Turley.

Dumbo Napolitano’s BAB archive.

UPDATE (12/19): Contra Dumbo Napolitano, Dershowitz, no dummy, “Says Mueller ‘Playing Into Trump’s Hands,’ Should Have Obtained Warrant for Emails.”