UPDATE IV (2/26): Julie Borowski’s Wrong: Judge Andrew Napolitano Is NO Rightist Libertarian

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I call Judge Andrew Napolitano a left-libertarian. I prove it. Have done so over years. Consistency is the touchstone of truth. If you keep changing your philosophical orientation as evinced by your changing positions, you’re more of a creedal politician, than a principled thinker. Julie Borowski, on the other hand, asserts that Judge Andrew Napolitano […Read On]

Ann Coulter Offers A Corrective To Judge Andrew Napolitano

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I’ve been following Judge Andrew Napolitano long enough to know he is a Reason-type, left-libertarian, who supports Civil Wrongs legislation, even coming down occasionally against the most basic of liberties: absolute freedom of association and the rights of private property. Therefore, I like not only that Ann Coulter is finally naming names, but that she […Read On]

UPDATE II: Judge Andrew Napolitano: Some Libertarian (A Good Lawyer Counters)

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The much-lauded Judge Andrew Napolitano, a feature speaker on some heavy hitting libertarian forums; quoted ad nauseam by these outlets too—does not appear to believe in the most basic of liberties: absolute freedom of association and the rights of private property. The Judge—supposedly a libertarian who should support the spirit of a law in furtherance […Read On]

UPDATED: Fighting Words From Left-Libertarian Egalitarians (Andrew Napolitano)

IMMIGRATION, Individualism Vs. Collectivism, Left-Liberalism, libertarianism, Liberty, Military, Old Right, Paleolibertarianism

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who exemplifies left-libertarianism on many issues (not least immigration, civil rights law, etc), believes that freighting men with females in combat is a great step toward the ideal of judging individuals based on their merits and not their group. To left-libertarians liberty is an abstraction. Apply it “properly,” and it will work […Read On]