Pray For Longtime Friend And Mercer Reader James Huggins

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Please pray for my longtime reader and dear friend James Huggins. A member of my American family, really. James was diagnosed yesterday with COVID-19, among other serious ailments that come with age. As with so many seniors, COVID was likely contracted in a nursing facility. I love James and I am moved to tears—humbled—that he […Read On]

UPDATE II (5/6/017): SeaWorld SUCKS (Secede From It)

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The issue, however, is this and this alone: It is worse than cruel and barbaric to keep a giant, sentient creature possessing of a sizable intelligence and complex social needs, in a small enclosure, for the mere amusement of the masses. While this libertarian would never suggest any state regulation; she does advocate vigorous, voluntary […Read On]

UPDATE IV: Ann Coulter Is Sally-Come-Lately To Mass Immigration Vexation, But She’s Still Splendid

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As I’ve written before, Ann Coulter has been late to blossom politically (otherwise she’s very pretty). Having avoided the immigration vexation until recently, Ms. Coulter has realized the need to become a single-issue powerhouse NOW, so as to make up for her past, politically correct driven neglect. Sean Hannity cowered in the corner, tonight (June […Read On]