UPDATED: A Toilet Flushed; Kim Kardashian Flashed a Smile

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In a spoof on the president’s hot-mic malfunctions, BHO engages in weak banter with an aide in the next room. A toilet flushes, and it becomes clear that Barack Obama was supposed to have been relieving himself during the “witty” repartee, which was overheard by the rapt crowd attending the 2012 annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

A repulsive sequence, befitting a revolting crowd: Jimmy Kimmel was seated with the First Couple; porn star Kardashian crowed in the crowd. The press itself is minimizing the cringe factor. After all, practically every anchor person on the networks began his broadcast by brandishing a personalized gold-embossed invitation. “See what a top dog I am?”

During the sickening specter, some of the most pretentious, worthless people in the country—in politics, journalism and entertainment—get together to revel in their ability to petition and curry favor with one another, usually to the detriment of the rest of us. The annual pimping of the office is nothing new. This low culture has been cultivated by successive administrations

Those gathered at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner are not the country’s natural aristocracy. Rather, this is a bunch of people who make their living pretending to be something they are not. Poseurs and parasites all.

Granted, actors do not coerce the citizenry to patronize their (mostly) lousy flicks. However, when they use their celebrity to push unconstitutional, naturally unlawful policies—then they are acting as enemies of the people. (Every time I turn around a “celebrity” is preaching and propagandizing for the leftist cause du jour.)

Like nothing else, the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a mark of corrupt politics. The un-watchful dogs of the media have no business frolicking with the president and his minions. This is co-optation. And when did the phonies of Hollywood become a fixture in this event?

The toxic “tradition” began in 1920, and, as far as I know, is sponsored by THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ ASSOCIATION, which was formed in 1914 as a liaison between the press and the president.”

The event and the invited tell a great deal about the Association, its ethics and code of conduct.

UPDATE: Some of Kimmel’s jokes were really good. He was not as offensive as Wanda Sykes, who, in 2009, began her routine with some good material and then descended into vulgarity and sheer spite.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: A Toilet Flushed; Kim Kardashian Flashed a Smile

  1. james huggins

    Vulgar and corrupt. This is where our culture is now. These people set themselves up as cultural and political gurus for us red state rubes. What crock.

  2. Rebel without a Clause

    The HuffPost crowd: DC Politics of Death meets MSM Culture of Death. Interesting that this particular klatch begin in 1914, a bad year all around. At this point, CF would express a hope that a certain town will get hit with a thermonuclear device during the upcoming Middle East/global rumble…preferably while Congress is in session. But he’s still gnawing at the ties that bind.

  3. My RON-PAUL i

    Ahhhh … Woodrow. At least Lincoln freed the slaves (cost 600,000 dead) and FDR did get to defeat Hitler (cost: Soviet expansion) … but can someone tell me something good that ever came out of Woodrow Wilson??

  4. Westie

    From what I gather from my Publick Edukation WW was the first Zombie President, even though Lincoln did live a few hours with that Actor’s bullet in his head!

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