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Why are ilanamercer.com and the companion site Barely A Blog such good causes? If you don’t already know, do read “Why Support ilanamercer.com” for but a few of the reasons. Or spend some time burrowing in the archives of BAB and ilanamercer.com. You will come away convinced that IlanaMercer.com, a one-woman outfit, is generally ahead of the game and the pack—sometimes years in-the-lead.

Times are hard, but if you value the commentary and the community on this space; if you appreciate the time I spend in crafting daily, original, topical commentary, keeping the Comments Forum open for your venting; responding to Comments, and ensuring exchanges remain civil and grammatical—please consider showing your appreciation.

And all the more so given the new commitment I have undertaken.

As readers of this space know, I keep three lead blog posts open at any given time for comment. Of the three that propagate to IlanaMercer.com’s front page, I will try and make one about South Africa, my homeland and my homies. Together we will lift the curtain on a topic Mandela’s media prefer to ignore.

Regular readers and visitors, I hope, will send others to Barely a Blog and to www.IlanaMercer.com (articles archived under “South Africa”), so that blog and main site become a repository of choice for facts and analysis about what’s underway in the once glorious South Africa.

Thank you for your generosity,

Update (April 22): Thank you Haym—and to the few faithful, you know who you are.

One thought on “Updated: April Appeal

  1. haym

    I hope all of Ilana’s readers will put their money where their mouths (opinions) are! You benefit from this dialogue – some of you a lot! If you really believe in the libertarian/conservative view on economics and social policy, you will pay your fair share to maintain this site. And do it now – not some time in the future.

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