Updated: Begging For Muslim Sensitivity

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THE LATEST IN THE ANNALS OF DHIMMITUDE. The American Society for Muslim Advancement (very literally) plans to erect a “Mega-Mosque” at Ground Zero. They say (taqiyya anyone?) that this is a peace offering—a center intended to foster Muslim tolerance and temperance.

I agree with the apoplectic activists: this amounts to lording it over the dhimmis-in-training. It is a triumphant act of supremacy, as the erection of minarets and the mosques has been throughout the annals of Islam. This is a bitch slap to the subjugated population.

However, as much as I approve of the activists (and I do not mean to be cynical), theirs is nothing more than frenetic cry-baby Brownian motion. There is no intellectual force, much less real force, behind a demand for sensitivity from those you believe to be worse than insensitive.

Such activism reminds me of the victim impact statement in our Courts. How humiliating and futile is it to plead for contrition and kindness from entities incapable of such sentiment.

When you’re reduced to asking a cunning conqueror to be nice; you’ve been bitch slapped good. Besides, ask yourself, “Why the distrust of fellow Muslims?” The Muslims in question say they are sincere in their endeavor; why doubt them?

Activists are acting out of emotion and have failed to examine what they’re really saying and, then, say it out loud.

Restricting acquisitive property rights in a free society should never be entertained. I’ll fight you if you try! But what other course of action are these emotion-driven protests hoping for? Again: what the activists are ludicrously requesting is kindness and consideration from those they regard as conquistadors—for they refuse to go straight to the heart of the matter and address the only legitimate, if incremental, course of action:

I hope I don’t have to spell it out for you. See:

“Beck, Wilders, and His Boosters’ Blind Spot”
“Jews Jeopardized By Muslim Immigration”
“Minarets No More”

And much more (use the search facility on this site, and on IlanaMercer.com, please).

Update (May 17): Myron’s interesting comment down here seems to imply that unless the Ground-Zero controversy passes the Israel-parallels test, it is deserving of no more than a dismissive shrug. Well, I’m an American commentator, first; making sure that every American dilemma passes the fairness-to-Israel test is not the mandate I’ve accepted or will ever pursue. I’ll leave that “yente,” “boba,” neocon kvetching to others (my “Holocaustism” comment applies here).

The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque examples Myron brings support the point of historical conquest, plonked as they were on Jewish sacred sites. But because Americans don’t know or care about them, Myron dismisses the concerns expressed by misguided, hysterical activists, to which “Begging For Muslim Sensitivity” gives voice (but slams).

Again: We disagree about the Israel Test.

Moreover, building the Mosque on the site of an Islamic victory against the West is symbolic—and a harbinger of things dhimmi to come. There is something nihilistic, atomistic, and effete in dismissing, even accepting, what I believe is a bitch slap from Islam’s messengers. It is the hallmark of the liberal, Western man. Muslims are too macho to dismiss insults and one-upmanship from “our side.”

I more than approve of Myron’s refusal to turn “the Towers into the Beit Hamikdash (Temple of Jerusalem).” It fits right in with my anti-hysteria, anti- 9/12 projects sentiments—these are designed to sustain the state of heightened emotional arousal that arose in the aftermath of 9/11.

And emotional arousal does nothing for clear thinking (although it helps in bed).

12 thoughts on “Updated: Begging For Muslim Sensitivity

  1. a harrison smith

    I agree! This is a huge issue ! It certainly is a slap and I cannot understand why they were granted the initial “right” to build there.
    Certainly I know Islam very well, and make no mistake: they are not buying “real estate.” For Islam it will be a SYMBOL of victory and that’s why they are spending millions. The building also will be a monument to Islam stealth, as I believe the wheels, or landing gear, fell on this roof exactly. So it is a spot chosen precisely. There are plenty of other sites available for mosque building.

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  2. Randy Sanders

    I personally think that NO religion be allowed to erect a “place of worship” on that site. Build a homeless center, or a health care clinic, a gun store, (my personal favorite) or even a titty bar. My point is that we are human, and therefore prone to prejudicial feelings toward another group, irrelevant of who these groups may be. Muslims, Christians, and Jews all distrust one another, (although I don’t know why.) The actions of the really screwed up few seem to override the wishes of the “just leave me the fuck alone to care for my family” multitudes, numbering in the billions. I simply say don’t try to walk over my family to do it. That could be ……… unfortunate, for that person. I’ve been all over this planet and all any “regular joe” wants is to be left alone, work a decent job pay the bills, and take care of his family. So we don’t need any group trying to rub everyone else’s face in it. You are free to disagree with me if you want, even flame me, I don’t care. But deep in your heart, you know I’m right.

  3. Mike Marks

    Not only no but H*%% no! I realize this in not a particularly intelligent response but, in all honesty I don’t think one is required.

  4. George Pal

    Not on my sacred ground, née ‘not in my backyard’ is a meaningless irritation and further aggravates the recklessly willful ignorance of the reality of Islam and its vast arrays of ‘moderate’ pathologies.

    Being wild-eyed but blind doesn’t impress anyone.

  5. Nora Brinker

    THE LATEST IN THE ANNALS OF DHIMMITUDE. “The American Society for Muslim Advancement (very literally) plans to erect a “Mega-Mosque” at Ground Zero. They say (taqiyya anyone?) that this is a peace offering—a center intended to foster Muslim tolerance and temperance.”

    D***! *I* wanted to post exactly that after I read the incredible glib ASMA statement in the Huckabee-Geller video yesterday night. It can be watched at “Atlas Shrugs” (no link). I always took the call for “sensitivity” from Muslims as a rhetorical figure, not a serious demand. Now I’m starting to think that it might indeed be serious and I shudder to think it any further.

  6. Richard

    Looks like my link doesn’t work. Look up ‘EDL-Dudley Mosque’, for the story of a successful campaign to stop Islam’s march.

  7. Myron Pauli

    Call me jaded or unsentimental but the World Trade Towers were ugly Rockefeller buildings built by abuse of eminent domain (my friend’s dad lost his job at a private firm there) and taxpayer theft and operating at a great loss to the taxpayers. They were known mainly for a dreadful remake of King Kong. While the loss of 3000 people is dreadful, I do not elevate the Towers into the Beit Hamikdash (Temple of Jerusalem).

    Speaking of which – what real difference is it if a 13 story mosque gets built 300 meters or 10 Km away. Ironically, the Moslem American population in America has TRIPLED from 1990 to 2010 – probably due to our immigration policies.

    By the way, at the real Beit Hamikdash, there happens to be a Dome of the Rock and an Al Asqa Mosque sited there. How many Americans object to that? Rather, the American government goes ballistic if Jews build in Jerusalem. Anyway, I apologize for not joining the chorus of everyone getting bent out of shape if Moslems put an Al Asqa Mosque in Downtown Manhattan. I guess it would be symmetric if Israel objected to placing a fire station in Downtown Manhattan.

  8. james huggins

    Whether logical or illogical sometimes it’s time to say rise up and say “NO”.

  9. Myron Pauli

    You are perfectly correct that I strayed from my objection at the 9/11 veneration cult into some non-sequitor observtions on Israel.

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