Breaking: Obama Promises Further Federal Incursion Into States For ‘Trayvon’

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The president saw fit to intervene for the second time on the side of a party in a legal matter that has, to date, been resolved in the country’s courts. Whereas his first divisive comments, last year, saw President Obama identify with Trayvon as the son he might have had; Obama moved closer, this time: “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago,” he said.

Obama praised the grieving parents of the late Trayvon Martin, which was understandable, but chose to intone about the specter of growing up with the sense that his presence, as a black man, elicited fear. By the way, even baby Obama crawling into a room ought to have made the company present clutch purses, for here was a baby who would go on to preside over an unparalleled explosion in the USA’s national debt ($17 trillion, and counting).

I will credit the president (of only a segment of the country) for mentioning the rationale behind the frailties of those “racists” who allegedly feared him: The black male’s propensity for violent crime. Black men are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of violent crime. Obama, for the first time ever, stated this brute reality—although he proceeded to blame The System rather than the many individuals who brutalize other human beings. (“Sticks and stones,” right?)

But then Obama is no methodological individualist, now is he?

“From financial aid (for foreign students) to an affirmative-action placement in Harvard Law School, Barry Soetoro is a Frankenstein of the state’s creation. If not for government, Obama would have never managed to write himself into history. As a product of the state, Barry Soetoro sees it as the source of all possibilities.” Obama thus promised to follow with a federal fix by way of even more federal incursion into the States.

Note: Not one kind word did Obama offer to six remarkable women: the jury that adjudicated—and agonized over—the State of Florida Vs. George Zimmerman.

As I said, this is a factional president.