Candace Owens In Immigration Wonderland, ‘Discovers’ Demography



Candace Owens says we should welcome more black immigrants from Africa, because they constitute only 2 percent of the United States’ immigration intake.

At the same time, she complains about a plan she has documented—and is happy Tucker Carlson is finally discussing—to change the demographics of the USA.

Hmm. I wonder what Peter Brimelow, Michelle Malkin, Steve Sailer, Ann Coulter or myself have been writing about for decades?

I recall, when first I wrote about immigration, in 2002, I had read and referenced Alien Nation by Peter Brimelow,  because I considered that without it—one could not write about immigration with any credibility. I still think this.

Next, Candace will discover that, “legal immigration is the real catastrophe.” (from “IMMOLATION BY IMMIGRATION,” 2003.)

A media conservative has no intellectual history or coherent philosophy; he or she is but a grab-bag of talking points. The GOP circus goes on—on TV.

For the media conservative, the history of ideas begins when he or she gets their TV gig. All is tabula rasa before that.

2 thoughts on “Candace Owens In Immigration Wonderland, ‘Discovers’ Demography

  1. John N.

    It’s also worth noting how Tucker feebly tries to convince his audience that flooding America with non-whites has nothing to do with ‘diversity’. According to Tucker, the ‘liberal elites’ are simply trying to gain more political power even though they already have a monopoly on it. Never have the words ‘white genocide’ ever crossed his lips.

  2. Musil Protege

    Fox really should rename that show the Carlson-Owens Hour. Or maybe the lady’s name should come first. The Deplorables need not to rely on Fox or the GOP anymore. You’re lucky to even get half effort with your half truths. Does it really just come down to legalities? Everyone is welcome, but just go through proper channels. At the end of day, Con-ink is as wedded to diversity as any CRT flack.

    And Tucker…ah, we had such hope, let’s tot up the score. He’s heavy on the virtue signaling. His go-to intellectuals are Owens, Douglas Murray, JD Vance, Matt Walsh, Chris Rufo, and now, Charlie Kirk, Head Brahmin at 28.

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