Christie & The Coquettish Coulter

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Why I always hold my tongue when speaking about this supercilious woman, I don’t know. Here the coquettish Ann Coulter simpers sexually about Chris Christie, her choice for president. Christie is not even running, but “Annie” wants to have her way with him.

The rest of her analysis is utterly vapid.

Perhaps E! Online! can run a reality show/competition. The challenge? Motivate Christie to make a run for president—and you get a night out with “Annie.”

I certainly like that Christie is capable of telling a whiny woman to get her nose out of his business. We need more boundaries between the private and public spheres, not fewer—and Christie put it magnificently. But where is he on any issue? Nowhere.

William N. Grigg is far less charitable about Coulter. But he gets the Mercer Wordsmith Award for coining a “slatternly succubus.”

9 thoughts on “Christie & The Coquettish Coulter

  1. Graham Strouse

    You’re just a sucker for Coulter because she can occasionally turn a decent phrase. Face it, Ilana, you’ve got a soft spot for anyone who can give good prose.

    [You nailed it, G.]

  2. ThePaganTemple

    Ordinarily Ilana I’d disagree with you strongly and vociferously about Coulter, but I have to admit when it comes to Christie, I have to reluctantly agree with you. When she talks about Christie she gushes like a fourteen year old on her first crush and on the verge of experiencing her first self-induced orgasm.

  3. Robert Glisson

    So Ms. Ann has a Chris Matthews moment over the NJ Governor. Well,it’s good to see that she does have her moments. The comments on Teaneck Patch were interestingly very left. I wonder what they might have said about President Obama putting his girls in a private charter school and then revoking the school’s charter; therefore, he would not have to worry about public school students running the halls of his private school. Otherwise politics as usual.

  4. Brett Gerasim

    Not that it diminishes your point, but the link to W.N. Grigg appears to be bad. I get the facebook profile of some other fellow when I click on it.

    In terms of Ms. Coulter, yes, it is embarrassing. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Christie is not exactly the best man when it comes to the Second Amendment. It may have been one Mr. Grigg’s pieces, come to think or it.

    The whole GOP field stinks, and seems determined to hand Obama another term. The establishment is saddling up a hobbled horse. The only question there is whether it is deliberate or just plain stupid. Is Christie any better? I doubt it. None of this does anything to address the problem that all the teams cheat and the fans only see it when the other team’s got the ball.

  5. CompassionateFascist

    There’s always been two different Coulters. Her columns, books are quite good because she’s thought them through to some degree. TV, radio she’s just awful – amazingly stupid stuff comes out of her mouth. Romney?? Romney vs. Obama = Obama vs. Obama.

  6. Robert Glisson

    A minor point, most writers are poor speakers. Yourself excepted.

    [Oh, I’m no speaker. In that sense I’m also the quintessential, old-fashioned writer.]

  7. CompassionateFascist

    Afterthought. Can’t stop thinking about Christie + Coulter. Reminding me of a Lary Niven short story I read once upon a time…it was about Superman and Lois Lane, title something like “Man of Krypton, Woman of Kleenex”.

  8. David Yeagley

    Ilana, sometimes a writer, who has never been married and somehow remains perpetually un-married, will spend romantic energy in words, on a distant figure. Why, I’ve been known to do such a thing myself, as you well know.

    [In public? Can’t understand why you are not married… women are mad. Oh yes, this post is about someone who’s a bit touched.]

  9. Myron Pauli

    It is a positive sign if politicians keep some sort of private life instead of parading like objects of worship. I admired that Judith Steinberg stayed with her physician job rather than prancing around for Howard Dean in 2004.

    As for Coulter – she is just handicapping horses on who gets to beat Obama it seems and has fallen in love with Cristie because he beat the obnoxious zillionaire Corzine in 2009.

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