Classic Paul On Obscene Super Bowl Scene

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“I don’t pay much attention to it (I’m focused on Nevada”), replied Ron Paul to Piers Morgan’s “Giants or Patriots?” question. My sentiments exactly.

… the American football scene is obscene, starting with its incestuous fraternities, the rock-star status surrounding handlers and players, their pompom-waving, knickers-baring groupies, and the tantrum-prone fans who experience bare-fanged fury when their heroes let them down.


Superbowl mania is another exhibit in the case made in the post “Closing The Door On Closed, Cloistered American Media.” This event is dominating the moron media. The ads are a big point of contention. Freedom Watch’s Judge Nap struck a blow for “liberty,” apparently, by calling on a middle-aged Madonna to challenge The Censor and repeat the feat of another peer, Janet Jackson. (Yes, “Libertarianism Lite” carries the day.)

The apparition the Judge wishes upon us again, I described in 2004 (“JANET’S SACK OF SILICONE & OTHER SYMBOLISM”), as a “sack of silicone-filled skin, awkwardly positioned on Janet Jackson’s chest. Few will forget how pop singer Justin Timberlake released The Thing from Jackson’s bustier during the Super Bowl halftime show.”

Add the effects of age and gravity to a surgically over-stuffed breast, and you end up with a veiny mass, mounted inorganically on the breastbone. Take my word: This is not something you’d want to wave about. It looks like a stretched-to-the-limits Bota Bag (also known as a wine skin), only not nearly as inviting. The photograph also captures the gaze on Justin Tinkerbelle’s girlie features. The reviewers, mostly groovy hip-hop heads, described the sequence as “a sex-charged duet.” Justin, Jackson’s partner in the “stunt,” looks as turned on as a surgeon removing a suture. The “sensuality” was, er, a bust.

Nice to know that a quaint Old-World gentleman like Ron Paul feels as I do about the national, football mass hysteria.

10 thoughts on “Classic Paul On Obscene Super Bowl Scene

  1. Lester Hunt

    I agree re football madness. I was in Indianapolis last weekend, for a Liberty Fund colloquium, and the city was already starting to go nuts. Waves of tourists were starting to come in, for reasons I can’t fathom, a week early.

  2. George Pal

    Certainly the pimping of the product has become a greater show than the product itself, but this is hardly a feature of just football (full transparency – I’m a football fan right down to the high school level). The political process is not much less vapid, or vulgar. Add the knickers-baring Coulter jiggling her pom-poms cheering “GOoooh Mitt!” (I’ll not imagine the rest of the candidate’s knickers-barers) and the production values are more alike than not. And I look forward to the game and will have dinner during the thirty minute half-time.

    BTW, “The Thing from Jackson’s Bustier” is priceless.

  3. Robert Glisson

    There is an element that I don’t understand; perhaps shouldn’t comment on since I don’t “Get It.” That is- how a Republican can be at the throat of a Democrat over politics one minute and five minutes later be arm in arm over a football cheer. Very strange behavior, indeed. As for the anatomy view. my taste is more in the classical ‘Greek Statue’ style. The Greeks were terrible philosophers, but very accomplished sculptors.

  4. Beryl Review

    ACTA will make isps by law responsible for pretty much everything their customers do on the internet. It really is a really dangerous piece of legislation not just in net liberty but additionally to our common liberties. We will have to stop it.

  5. Rebel Without a Clause

    It’s not just football. The whole “pro sports” thing is MSM-administered political anethesia. TPTB want white males sitting in front of the idiot box, sucking on a beer can, watching steroidal trained seals do kid things with sticks and balls…not thinking about the ongoing destruction of their race and nation.

  6. Myron Pauli

    I am here at work catching up with the usual bureaucratic crappola that is my life. I will start watching at 6:30 without the N hours of hoopla and mute the halftime show.

    Back in 2004, I switched to the Democratic Party Debate and watched Al Sharpton instead of Janet Jackson – so I got to see a black boob after all!

  7. Darrell

    Exactly right on football, the college level is corruption at its most intense and the “pro” level is the modern equivalent of the Roman bread and circus routine to deal with the masses.

  8. robert

    Back in 2004, I switched to the Democratic Party Debate and watched Al Sharpton instead of Janet Jackson – so I got to see The Boob after all.

    Yes Myron, they come in all shapes and sizes. Ilana’s thesis is also yours —-this one size fits all business, or bigger is always better — in politics, entertainment or life, — is boring business designed for bozos who couldn’t appreciate boobs others than those who lead them by the nose in the public square.

  9. Dennis

    WATCH or DO NOT WATCH. It all seems to be a legal,capitalistic, entertainment form for which sponsors willingly pay mega-bucks to drive down the CPM of their advertisements.

    No one is forced to watch, buy the advertised products, or ordered to do anything including gamble on the outcome.

    In my view, more interesting, individually important, educational, and stimulating things to do are out there…but, individuals are free to choose their entertainment, aren’t they, regardless of how objectively they do so?

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