CNN Circles The Wagons Around Their Candidate

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BROOKE BALDWIN, host of CNN Newsroom and as partisan an anchor as the rest, moved quickly to shut down a line of inquiry about Hillary Clinton’s health, pursued by a DR. TIFFANY SIZEMORE. BALDWIN’s bookers clearly chose the wrong guest for her Clinton-friendly show.

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): Let me pivot back to the health records, Dr. Tiffany, and ask you this. As we talked about Hillary Clinton’s additional medical records to come out this week, also we’re hearing from the Trump camp that we should get some more information on his own health. When people pour through that, what do you expect to learn?

DR. TIFFANY SIZEMORE: One of my concerns, actually, is — and I want to be very blunt — pneumonia, which she has now, and what happened in 2012 are two distinctly separate things. However, the medical problems that Hillary had in 2012 are still significant medical problems. Having a blood clot in a vein in your brain is a pretty significant issue, especially when there’s been studies out that there’s a small subset of people who, when they have this problem, have chronic cognitive and decision-making impairment. So I do think —

BALDWIN: But what about [Donald] Trump? Sorry, I don’t know if I spoke —

SIZEMORE: I’m getting there. It’s OK.

BALDWIN: “OK, OK,” whereupon Brooke, who brooks no disagreement, moved on to her next, more compliant guest.

Dr. SIZEMORE won’t be called on again by bossy Brooke.

As one wag said, “When inquiry is shut down, it becomes advocacy,” or something like that.