UPDATED: Congress: A Repository Of Contempt

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A contemptible Congress finds an equally contemptible cabinet minister in contempt of its proceedings.

How significant are these findings for the cause of freedom and justice? Not very.

Republican representatives, as they demonstrated under Bush—who, as I’ve often said, would have wrestled a crocodile for a criminal alien—don’t care about the rights of private property on the US Southern border any more than their Democratic partners-in-crime do.

Farmers, their families, and their best friends are imperiled daily on that border; have been long before Operation Fast and Furious commenced.

The Democratic brand of statism won out in the healthcare confrontation. Since what’s underway in the world’s greatest “deliberative” body is no more than brute politicking—Democrats should delight in their victory and downplay a slap in the face from opponents every bit as contemptible as themselves. That’s the logic of the game.

In the unlikely event that the Republicans win a significant political battle, they should do the same.

Unlikely because, Republicans have betrayed every single important principle that might have prolonged the survival of the republic. This is the nature of the Republican beast, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa included.

…the unconstitutional campaign finance-reform bill and “Sarbanes-Oxley Act” (a preemptive assault on CEOs and CFOs, prior to the fact of a crime); the various trade tariffs and barriers; the Clintonian triumph of triangulation on affirmative-action; the collusion with Kennedy on education; the welfare wantonness that began with a prescription-drug benefit that would add trillions to the Medicare shortfall, and culminated in the Kennedy-countenanced “New New Deal” for New Orleans, for which there is no constitutional authority; the gold-embossed invitation to illegals to invade, and the “camouflaged amnesty” (where illegals are born-again as “guest workers” and then placed on a fast track to permanent residence)—you name it,

Republicans have promoted it to the detriment of liberty.

REMEMBER: “The Democratic and Republican parties each operates as a necessary counterweight in a partnership designed to keep the pendulum of power swinging in perpetuity from the one set of colluding quislings to the other, and back.

UPDATE (June 30): In reply to WCO: Have you read Into the Cannibal’s Pot, WCO? My book, the sub-chapter titled “Civil Wrongs,” in particular, should give you some answers to your question. Civil Rights legislation—property-sundering and sweeping—created a system of patronage and spoils. This is one reason Dixicrat concerns are no longer.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Congress: A Repository Of Contempt

  1. Wise Cave Owl

    Since – other than fighting over pork and patronage – the two parties are indeed essentially a single corporate-socialist amalgam, one has to wonder how this came to be. The Democrat Party used to be the Party of the Klan and lynch law, a white working class party. Then, during the late 1940s and after, something happened. The Republican Party used to be an admixture of White middle class and plutocrats interested in limiting government. Again, a bit later, something happened. So tell us, Ilana, what is this Common Control that has transformed Democrats into corporate Demicans, and Republicans into socialist Republicrats? Whose is the hidden hand?

    [See blog post.]

  2. james huggins

    Anybody out there got any ideas? Under today’s curcumstances how can a third party get traction? How can an eclectic bunch like the Tea Party set a coherent agenda? Who, besides me of course, can lead a movement like this? How can anything like this get up an rolling by 2016? Plus 1001 other issues to be dealt with. Well, I’ve come up with some brilliant questions. Anybody out there got any brilliant answers?

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