UPDATE IV: Bullied ‘Jail Bus’ Lady: Fearful Fatty, Not a Hero (I Am ‘Old’)

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HERE are excerpts from “Bullied ‘Jail Bus’ Lady: Fearful Fatty, Not a Hero,” my weekly column, now on RT. It deconstructs the latest episode of infantilism in America:

The new ‘poster child’ for a bully victim in America is, wait for it, not a helpless small child, robbed of lunch money by the schoolyard ruffian, but an adult entrusted with supervising them.

The Internet watched 68-year-old Karen Klein, who was charged with ‘monitoring’ bused children in the town of Greece, N.Y., dissolve in tears to the taunts of her 13-year-old charges.

Klein’s failure to fend off the feral children was captured on YouTube by her tormentors, students at the Athena Middle School in suburban Rochester.

To the sight of a feeble adult, who occupies two seats on the vehicle she’s supposed to supervise; too fat to budge and too powerless to perform the task for which she is being paid—the Internet erupted in cheers.

Klein was quickly catapulted to fame for her, yes, courage. ‘God bless, you are my hero,’ effused a woman with the handle ‘Marykate,’ in an online post.

Charitably put, Klein has not advanced adulthood in infantile America. …

… In defense of the wolverines who preyed on Klein, how is an adult such as herself to command their respect? From whom are these fiends, out on a wilding spree, expected to learn a lesson? From Supervisor Klein, who was not adult enough to holler for help? Klein lacked the wherewithal to ask the bus driver to stop the bus and set the kids straight, then and there. …

… Or, perhaps the bus drive is another fearful fatty, who was unable to dislodge herself from her seat? Perhaps the two live in fear of potential law suits, lodged by the parents who sire these good-for-nothing seventh graders? …

Natural order is not predicated on state-enacted laws. The natural order that has worked throughout the ages to tame young terrors is predicated on hierarchy; on the preservation of clear, never-to-be-blurred boundaries between adults and kids. These boundaries were once upheld in-house—in the principal’s office, the home and the church. …

… Restore old-fashioned discipline to classrooms and school buses.

… Better still: Drain the septic tank that is our federalized education system, and with it the auxiliary personnel that infest the schools and feed off a dwindling tax base. There is now one non-teaching adult for every 8 or 9 children. …

The complete column, now on RT, is “Bullied ‘Jail Bus’ Lady: Fearful Fatty, Not a Hero.”

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UPDATE I: If you must have the visual:

UPDATE II: A Facebook Friend writes on my Wall:

Sean Sheedy:

I’m appalled by these Lord-of-the-Flies adolescents. But I also recall my Irish grandmother, who would have stuffed their words back down their throats ’til they choked, and then settled back for a nip of her favorite whiskey.
The U.S. these days is sadly lacking in cranky old folks.

I reply:

SS: I love your comment. Exactly my sentiment. I grew up around wiry little old Israeli ladies, who were so tough and scary that we kids used to imagine they were witches who would eat us up if we got close enough. (There were no Idiot Pads in those days; we’d think up scary stuff for fun.) Anyone taunting these former pioneers of the Holy land, who had drained swamps in their youth, would run for his/her life. We respected our elders.

UPDATE III: Guys start fighting on my Wall over abortion. I write: “AMM: There is not a thing you can do when people go off about fetuses (which I, of course, love). As I once wrote: “Would that Republicans fussed as much over the many fully formed human-beings dying daily in Iraq, as they do over fetuses.” Fuss all you like, but not on this Wall, fetuses (which I love) are not the subject here. But, I have a very low regard for your average Republican’s “culture of life.”

UPDATE IV: A comment at WND:

Ilana Mercer, one day you will be old, and fat, and powerless, and someone will heap on the last straw…and you will break, and sob, and understand what this woman went through. Until then, you’ll be a soulless fraud.

How does the fool writing this know I am not “old”? Because of the way I look? American slobs make me sick. You know nothing about real suffering, but you think a cruel word qualifies. (Read Into the Cannibal’s Pot to get a perspective on just how disgustingly self-indulgent and full of self-pity you are.)

Americans are blind to anything and anyone that isn’t like them; you can identify with Klein because she looks like you. You cannot identify with those who do not mirror indulgence and sloth (“old” though they may be).

From the fact that someone looks OK, you deduce that they are young, have it easy, haven’t suffered like the Klein woman has (she doesn’t know what real suffering is)?

If someone looks OK in middle age, you think that comes easily and doesn’t involve hard work and disciple, and isn’t achieved despite a difficult life? You pity the slack and pile on hard-working disciplined folks, for what? Driving themselves hard (I do that)? Running 12 miles a week for the last 22 years? (I do that, come rain or shine). Not wallowing in pity (I don’t do that). Anything to excuse the way you eat and look, and the arrogance with which you treat others not like you.

How old does the writer think I am, what with a daughter who is 29-years old?

Misplaced compassion and envy; that’s what this country is increasingly about.

What I once said in an interview about reason and misplaced compassion obtains: “In well-functioning people, the intellect is not separated from the affect (i.e. the emotional). They are integrated. When people are rational, they observe reality as it is, and are more likely to be concerned with justice and avoid misplacing compassion.”

11 thoughts on “UPDATE IV: Bullied ‘Jail Bus’ Lady: Fearful Fatty, Not a Hero (I Am ‘Old’)

  1. My RON PAUL i

    There’s a famous story about my dad’s (fat) cousin Wolfgang who used to eviscerate other scientist’s shoddy thinking at seminars. The way around him was to give him the talk in advance, he would tell them the numerous reasons why their work was invalid, then they would ignore him and give the same talk anyway and he would just sit quietly having spoken his piece. I understand the phenomena all too well having gotten into too many arguments with buffoons. You try a little but ultimately you never win a pissing contest with a skunk…

    I look at the politically correct manure in my daughter’s history text coupled with her having a ignorant baseball coach in 9th grade and a sadistic burnout in 10th grade and I have to really psyche myself to try to teach her over the summer.

    Schooling should be a privilege and not a right, to be controlled by parents who care about their children. A (white) daughter of my friend tried being a zookeeper – I mean “teacher” – a Washington DC charter school to be threatened continually by “parents” of the inmates who themselves were completely out of control. She quit after 3 months.

  2. WiseCaveOwl

    Yes, none of this youthful terrorism when I was in Jr High. Once I was confronted in the hallway by a loomingly large Assistant Principal. “Ah”, he says, “so you’re Mr. Wise Cave Owl”. “Yes!”, sez I, grinning proudly at this recognition by authority. He then grabbed me by the left ear, literally, BY MY EAR, and dragged me into the Principal’s office for further punitive action. Over what, I cannot remember; but I remember the discipline.

  3. My RON PAUL i

    Another interesting essay on the subject of “higher education”:


    I do know that my high school dropout nephew runs a store while his unemployed brother just got an on-line “doctoral degree”. We fret that half of “ghetto minorities” do not come out with high school diplomas but what real knowledge would they have even if they got the “certificate”??

    I don’t know the specifics of Ms. Kline’s background but I am not sure that either you or me could survive a year in one of our modern “zoo” (schools).

  4. CM Collins

    Let’s take it a further step back: Why do we need a bus monitor? Isn’t there already an adult on the bus? The driver? What’s next? Seat monitors?

  5. Greg

    I think you are being a little harsh. In the USA today she has no power at all. If she does anything as far as correcting these kids she will probably be sued or arrested. The inmates are running the asylum. What about the parent of these kids? Were they raisedto be little animals? Actually, I am not too surprised.

  6. michel cloutier

    I totally agree with you Ilana. On the other hand, if those kids had been properly put in their place, it is they who would earned hero status to some, as victims are now automatically rewarded these days.

    Many parents are all for stricter discipline at school, as long as it is not applied to their little ‘precious’, for whom they’ll fight to the death, right or wrong.

  7. George Pal

    Noting the phrases ‘ineffectual females’ and ‘feminized, cloistered world’, I was taken back to my school days when I had been put in the charge of Felician Sisters who were neither ineffectual, or feminized, or ever frightened of thirteen-year-old boys. And they accomplished great things without drugging the boys with Ritalin. There was though, at that time, a functioning society.

    In the present circumstances, I suspect Ms. Klein, and all others like her, are chosen for their singular ability to meet expectations, i.e., play the victim and go along for the ride – and not make a fuss. As much was required of Mr. Zimmerman at the hands of Trayvon the cave mon, and whites in the crosshairs of minority indignation. In an equalitarian world where the victim is sine qua non, it doesn’t pay to play the prey.

  8. Dennis

    I suspect it will only take 2 actions to extirpate the mindset of the little beasties:

    1. Upon another occurance, STOP THE BUS, REMOVE THE KEYS, AND DISEMBARK THEM



    Mom & Dad can return to providing “Chauffeur” services on their dime. Simply say “NO” to school millage increases.

  9. Bill Meyer

    One must be able to exert proper authority. It’s not merely size, it’s the attitude. My 13-year old son is considerable taller than me, yet my authority goes unquestioned. Sort of along the lines of the old Bill Cosby comedy routine – “I brought you into this world, junior, and I can take you out”. Sadly, many Americans are so “sheepified”, that they couldn’t imagine taking matters into their own hands, which was badly needed in the case of the “bus lady”.

  10. CM Collins

    Ah, anarcho-tyranny. Apparently the inevitable bureaucratic overkill response has kicked in and the kids are getting suspended, sent to another facility of some sort, have to do community service, take bullying re-education classes, etc. ad nauseum.

  11. Robert Glisson

    I have a friend that at 70 or better drove a local school bus. No monitors in this area. It only took him throwing one teenager off his bus to get total respect on his but until he got ready to retire from driving. The other drivers are just like him, most Okies are that way.

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