UPDATE II: CPUKE 2012 (FREEDOM WATCH: Teaching Tool, But Not the People’s Libertarianism)

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OMIGOD: Look at the speaker lineup at CPAC 2012, currently underway. There is nary a place in this GOP for our ideas—also, those of the Founding Fathers. They’ve even called on little, retarded RINO Lolita SE Cupp to perform. Cupp can barely conceal her vacuity in this MSNBC clip, where she showcases her grasp of American liberties and her debating skills with the trademark wild grimaces and gestures. Desperately, she latches onto a catchy phrase the host has floated, so that a paraphrasing of the host replaces serious argument.

And where’s Ron Paul at CPUKE?

I call her The Helmet. Callista Gingrich speaks, or shall I say issues forth?

What would a Republican Party gathering be without the Synopohobic vulgarist, Donald Tramp

This looks interesting:

The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity
– Wilson C
Sponsored by: ProEnglish
Speakers: Robert Vandervoort, Executive Director, ProEnglish; John Derbyshire, contributing
editor at National Review and author of We Are Doomed; Peter Brimelow, author of The Patriot
Game: National Dreams and Political Realities and founder of VDARE.com; Dr. Serge
Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor for Chronicles magazine; & Dr. Rosalie Porter, author of
American Immigrant: My Life In Three Languages, chairwoman of the board, ProEnglish
Open to all CPAC attendees

The agenda item below is plain ridiculous, given that Baby Bush was every bit as bad for civil liberties as his “non-identical, evil ideological twin, Barack Obama.”

Obama’s Agents Are Reading Your Emails: Privacy Concerns of the Digital Age – Taylor
Sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute

A lot of awards conservatives give themselves. And lots of book peddling and signings by the pols, which, as you know, I believe to be a symptom of America’s rotten politics. And that includes the Ron Paul signings.

“Politicians—all public servants—should be put on a very tight leash and prohibited from exploiting their already exploitative positions for yet more profit. (Then again, you know that I believe government workers should be disqualified from voting. For one thing, they don’t pay taxes, but are paid out of taxes. Taxpayers pay taxes twice: on their own income and on the income of members of the bureaucracy. For another, they are in the position to vote themselves higher and higher wages. Which they do.)”

Sure, I like that Paul gets our message out with his books, but I think that all US politicians should be barred from using their powerful positions to peddle products, however laudable. And freedom of speech has nothing to do with this. Freedom of speech is not immutable, but tethered to property. So long as they live on our dime; the oink sector should be prohibited from profiting on our dime.

The Founders would have been appalled by the celebrity and high profiles politicians pursue on the public purse.

Myron, or anyone else: Time permitting, do regale BAB readers with a precis of one of the speeches.

UPDATE I: FREEDOM WATCH NEWS. Sorry for your loss, John. I tuned in yesterday, then switched off when “good friends of the show” warrior Bob Barr (hardly a libertarian) and Kirstin Powers (banal brain) hogged the screen and were fawned upon. Again, I’m sorry for the fans, although I seldom watched an entire episode because of the typical, mainstream, buddy-buddy, close to power, Beltway think-tank bias that came to pervade and dominate it.

RELATED: “More Reasons to Secede From The Pundit Pantheons of Fox, MSNBC and CNN.” I guess I’m uncompromising.

UPDATE II (Feb. 13): MORE FREEDOM WATCH NEWS. We agree, John, but even if we didn’t: “respek,” as Ali G. would preach. As a general educational tool, The Judge did good. Still, I often had to switch off even mid-soliloquy, due to the endless annoying “What ifs”: “what if the government this, what if the government that”X 100. The style of the show—that includes the pompous music and the screaming—did damage to the contents. It bled into the content and damaged it. Ironically, I switched to RT on the day of the sad announcement, because I could not stomach the Powers and Barr combo. The show was full of these characters which turn off good, gun-touting, property minded Americans. It also crapped all over cops—continuously—often for rounding up illegal immigrants. Americans hate that. And it offered the hideous contradiction vis-a-vis immigration: when you like what the federal Frankenstein does (help illegals remain in the states), you stick up for Federal overreach, rather than for the right of the people of the states to evict trespassers. Sorry, John: This was not the libertarianism of The People.

8 thoughts on “UPDATE II: CPUKE 2012 (FREEDOM WATCH: Teaching Tool, But Not the People’s Libertarianism)

  1. My RON-PAUL i

    First a quickie:

    A good column by Larry Elder in WND about Republican pandering to the Hispanic vote:


    Of course, Elder concedes that Ron Paul was the best on this “issue” but, naturally, he is unacceptable on defense. George Will, ironically, has a better take on Republican moronic thinking on the wars:


    Naturally, the CPAC finally “changed the rules” to make it harder for Ron Paul to “win” at this Warmonger Festival.

    I find the “cut taxes and borrow more while not reducing spending” mentality rather insidious because (a) it makes government more attractive since the “goodies” appear to come without cost in the near-term and (b) it mortgages America’s future, thus binding future generations.

    This is the face of Conservatism – 2012 – scream about Obama (eeeeek – liberal – eeeeek )for Romneycare, Bushian Bailouts, Affirmative Action and then do the SAME DAMN CRAP when they get into power.

    C – PUKE!!!

  2. My RON-PAUL i

    I started to listen to the GOP Hispanic Messiah Marco Rubio – I can’t take this crap …. all these silly speeches

    America is at a crossroads …. 2012 is the most important election … This President is devisive (Newt isn’t!!!) … we are getting like Europe … the President is abandoning Israel (which is about to be destroyed) …abandoning Iraq … we need strong moral values (Amen, Newt) … we need affordable energy … … family … God …the greatest thing that we can do for the world is be America …vision for America ….


  3. Rebel Without a Clause

    “I call her The Helmet”. I call her The Stepford Wife.

  4. John Danforth

    And in other Neocon news, a victory –Freedom Watch is gone.

    [See Post.]

  5. sunny black

    “I call her The Stepford Wife.”
    That works. I saw an excerpt of her speech introducing her husband. Her description of his hobbies went as follows: ‘Newt likes golf. Newt plays golf. Newt likes books. Newt has many books.’

    My guess is Newt is playing the long game and thinks courting female housewives in Orange Country will pay dividends down the road.

  6. John Danforth

    Thank you for your mention, Ilana. I share your distaste for the guests mentioned. I cannot speak for the Judge but it seems likely that inclusion of such guests might have been a condition of the show’s existence. Even so, the Judge’s magnanimity appears to be following the example set by statesmen of a few centuries ago, and he demolished their arguments on unimpeachable grounds without fail. I also lost interest in these exchanges; I already knew what both sides were going to say, however I hoped it might be educational to people ‘waking up’ for the first time.

    But the loss is still felt, deeply, mainly because of his speeches at the end of the show. I never thought this kind of material would ever make it onto any kind of public media. Here is a very good example from last week, and possibly the last straw for Fox:


    Thank you for your generous consideration, Ilana.

    [See Update.]

  7. John Danforth

    Oops, the speech I linked to was AFTER the show’s cancellation had been decided.

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