UPDATED: Decoding Ongoing Race Riots At Louisville, Kentucky Mall & Beyond

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What do you do to decode an obscure news headline on Drudge that screams, “Mall Mayhem: Over 1,000 Teens Shut Down Kentucky Mall”? You turn to racial-violence myth buster Colin Flaherty, WND colleague and author of “White Girl Bleeds A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

From The Book of Colin one can distill the dynamics of unidirectional black-on-white crime in the US:

* Obscurantist language is used by coward correspondents to leave off the racial identity and motives of the culprits. The terms in the stories du jour are “juveniles,” “unruly youths,” or “unaccompanied young people.”
* Authorities will propagandize about the specter of blacks looting, beating, raping and even killing of whites (and Asian) as they yell out racial slurs. It has nothing to do with race, the authorities tell us.
* Misled by figures of authority—from the police to politicians and their lapdog media—victims and families are first to internalize the injunction to move on; there is nothing racial here to see. It could have happened to anyone, it could have been perpetrated by anyone.
* White victims who survive are at times the greatest cowards. I hate to psychologize, but it seems as though victims and their families often derive near erotic pleasure in denying the source of their attack and the putative reason for it: a hatred, Mr. whitey, for your white daughter’s flawless white flesh and the desire to deface and destroy it. Read “Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism” for an example of the biggest sell-out of all: parental betrayal.
UPDATE (12/29): No arrests needed, of course.

Colin Flaherty is always extra busy over the Christmas season. This year he was keeping abreast of “15 episodes of black rioting and violence in three days in malls around the country,” mostly submerged by media.

I asked Colin about the culpability of cops in each outbreak of- and cover up of racial violence. In particular, I wanted to know why Flaherty thanks cops in his excellent WGBAL, when, as I read it, they, with few exceptions, partake in the cover up. Yes, where in Flaherty’s latest video are the crowd-control water cannons? Why aren’t cops protecting public order and private property?

Collin clarifies: “I make the distinction many times that cops on the beat are heroes. Cops in charge, not so much.”

“In addition to the video,” Colin tells me, “I did a story today for American Thinker, where I documented many examples of black mob violence in the day before and after Christmas, and Christmas itself.”

“Last year,” says Flaherty, “I did the same story over a slightly larger time frame and documented 25 examples of black mob violence at the mall. Two people were killed, one in Eastland mall in Detroit. The other at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

The article at American Thinker is “America’s Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls” By Colin Flaherty.

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