Devout ‘Gentle Giant’ Felled By Deviant Gangster

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Young Jimmy Mizen confronted a born bully in an almost archaic manner: “Some manners would not go amiss,” said this English, Catholic, alter boy to his killer. A member of a large, traditional family, Mizen was, in manners and mien, an embodiment of a goodness that goons of a different culture and world seek instinctively to destroy. There is more than a bad temper to this wicked, unprovoked murder; there’s racial hatred—the same rage that made the ugly inside-and-out Curtis Lavelle Vance extinguish the beautiful Anne Pressly.

Larry Auster tells a story we’ve grown accustomed to hearing:

“In a suburban London baker’s shop last May, 16 year old Jimmy Mizen was murdered by 19 year old Jake Fahri who smashed a heavy glass bakery dish into Jimmy’s face with such force it severed his jugular vein and his carotid artery and he bled to death.

An excellent thing about the Mail that puts it above any U.S. paper and probably any British paper is the detail with which it recounts violent crimes, as it does here, giving a full picture not only of Jimmy’s murder but of the history of the killer’s interactions with the Mizen family preceding the murder and the effect of the murder on the family. The Mail takes murder seriously, as it ought to be taken. A notable and disturbing exception was the Mail’s vague, minimal coverage of the beheading of Patrick McGee last December in Manchester. Also, while the Mail and other British media have given a lot of coverage to the Jimmy Mizen murder, they have been completely silent about the racial aspect of the murder, a white killed by a mixed-race thug.”