Updated: Elections Fatigue (& A Shout-Out To An Anti-Politician)

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What’s there to say about the interminable electioneering we’re being subjected to? I have less and less to say by the day.

For one, the candidates do not represent me or uphold my rights. If anything; they promise to violate them. The Hillary-Hussein-McCain unholy trinity caters in one way or another to the burgeoning American welfariate.

I’m also repulsed by the unchecked chauvinism of the elections coverage. Not a word about world events have I heard in weeks, perhaps months. America’s pathological, election-time self-absorption makes a mockery of the idea that the US is suited to lead the world. Shouldn’t a world leader take an interest in the world?

I believe the last debate between Hillary and Barack was actually worth watching if only for the performance of a journalist whom I’ve praised in the past: Charles Gibson. Gibson actually flouted the common consensus about his job description and asked the messiah some tough questions. He has a pattern of such subversion.

Alas, by that time, I was so thoroughly fatigued, I failed to watch.

Let me take the time, however, to give a shout-out to an anti-politician: Actor Wesley Snipes, who “was sentenced to three years in prison for a “history of contempt over a period of time” for U.S. tax laws.” Snipes got bad legal advice, but he’s a hero for acting on his contempt for legalized theft.

Update (April 26): MSM, which is seldom to be trusted, keeps reporting that the American people cannot tolerate the scrappy competition between Hillary and Barack. We are led to believe that, as I put it, Americans are so delicate they cannot stomach “a vigorous race for the highest office in the land because it is, well, vigorous.”

Presuming this is true and Americans are as soft as MSM portrays them—at least the ones that aren’t brewing with bitterness and bigotry and doodling with guns—why do you think this is so?

Could it be that the emphasis in schools on cooperative as opposed competitive endeavors—on the girlie over the boyish mindset—has something to do with it? The fact that everyone gets a prize at school for something, rather than for winning or being the best—could this be a factor in crippling the competitive spirit?

If the media is to be believed, Americans will soon be assuming the fetal position and whimpering in the corner if Hill and B. Hussein don’t stop exchanging barbs.


7 thoughts on “Updated: Elections Fatigue (& A Shout-Out To An Anti-Politician)

  1. Joe Allen

    You have to wonder why the state would be so hard on Wesley Snipes when they will lose so much future tax revenue by a keeping a movie star locked up. Maybe President Obama will commute his sentence.

    Actually, the only good thing about the three main candidates is that two of them will lose.

  2. Joseph Booth

    I hate to be the one to bring this up, but it’s about time Ron Paul withdrew from this campaign with dignity (that means not endorsing McCain). To the extent people are even aware he’s still in the race, it’s making him look foolish. The unfortunate truth is the McCainiac has won enough delegates to take the nomination. I am a great supporter of Dr. No and am as heartbroken as anyone could be about the situation.

    On another note, I am curious to know what others in this forum think of Bob Barr as a potential presidential candidate…

  3. Myron Pauli

    The three mainstream clowns running believe mainly in their own political ambition and little else. When that happens, all that is left is to focus on the trivial – Obama’s granny, Hillary’s snipers, McCain’s sex life. The Gang of Three will also heal the sick, balance the budget, fix everyone’s mortgage, provide great jobs for everyone, clean up all pollution, turn our kids into Madame Curies, and bring peace and democracy to the entire galaxy. Not only do young people subscribe to this nonsense but even most people over 40 believe in the self-evident hooey { other than a few CRAZY people like Ron Paul and Myron Pauli }. Only 6 more excruciatingly long months left before a brief rest. In two more years, another batch of would-be Worldsavers will start slugging it out for 2012.

  4. Jamie


    The IRS is all about intimidation. By pursuing high profile cases against people like Snipes they seek to keep the sheep in line. I should know, I worked for them before I saw the light.

  5. Max

    “I am curious to know what others in this forum think of Bob Barr as a potential presidential candidate”.

    I used to think that Bob Barr was a good conservative when he was in Congress. But after losing his election, he joined the ACLU!!!
    Must have lost his mind somewhere along the line.

  6. Steven Stipulkoski

    “To the extent people are even aware he’s still in the race, it’s making him look foolish.” Joseph Booth

    Whoever thought Ron Paul could win in 2008? He won’t look so foolish in 2012 after 4 years of economic misery and/or perpetual war. Hang in there Ron!

  7. Len

    Since Vietnam I have been an nonbeliever.I feel that before remedies are to be found the bottom line and truth has to be world known. That said, we would all start at the same point of reference.The book,”Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. by John Perkins.I have spent forty years searching for the truth, and here it is all in one book.

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