Hey Cracker, Don’t Take It Racially



To get the latest news about black-on-white hate crimes in the US, I visit Praag.org, the website of Afrikaner activist Dan Roodt (which also features my weekly column). These insidious, ongoing assaults simply don’t warrant headlines in the USA. When they do, the headline is generally a lie. to wit:

* “Tevin Geike, US Soldier Stabbed To Death, Not A Victim Of Hate Crime, Police Say. www.huffingtonpost.com/”

* Tevin Geike Murder: Race not main issue in stabbing death of U.S. …

Via Praag.org,:

A Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier was in Washington, US, stabbed to death in a parking lot because he was white.
20-year-old Tevin Geike was walking with two other white soldiers along Pacific Highway SW when a group of black men drove by and shouted a racial comment toward the soldiers, the Lakewood Police Department said.
“One of the soldiers yelled back something about the suspects treating combat soldiers with disrespect,” Lt. Chris Lawler said.
The car turned around and the men confronted the soldiers, according to reports. As the verbal confrontation ensued, the driver of the vehicle realized the men were actually combat veterans and called his friends off. While the men headed back to their vehicle, one of the suspects appeared to have bumped into Geike, witnesses say.
The soldiers saw Geike fall to the ground as the car sped away. He was bleeding profusely from stab wounds and died at the scene.

To its credit, the British MailOnline keeps it real: “‘He died like a dog’: Friend’s tears as autopsy reveals white soldier ‘killed by black comrade’ was stabbed through the heart” was the headline it chose for its honest account.