Imagine Israelis Seeking Redress from Palestinians

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A Palestinian child was injured in an Israeli missile attack launched against a Jihadi in Gaza, that place where all is sweetness and light. The child is paralyzed, and Israel, rightly, has sponsored her care, until now. The Israeli Ministry of Defense wants the child to return to the Palestinian territory. I don’t believe it will come to that. The liberal courts will side with the child. Already a plethora of Israeli human rights organizations is working on her behalf.

Imagine, will you, the reverse situation. An Israeli survivor of a Palestinian suicide bomber wants the PA to treat life-long disfigurement and pain caused by shards of shrapnel, ball bearings and nails embedded in flesh and bone for life. Can you imagine Messrs. Abbas and Hamas of the PA assuming such moral responsibility? Not to mention that, other than cutting-edge killers, there is no state-of-the-art anything in the PA, much less medicine.