In America, Black Is Beautiful

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Late in the day, as always, Larry King has discovered that “black is in.”

According to the Huffington Post,

Speaking with Bob Woodward on “Larry King Live” Wednesday, King announced that his 8-year-old son Cannon wants to be black.

“There’s a lot of advantages to being black,” King said. “Black is in. Is this a turning of the tide?”

Black has been β€œin” for ages.

To plagiarize myself:

“The coolness of being black and the considerable leverage the identity affords those who cultivate it is why the likes of Halle Berry and Alicia Keys have chosen the identity of the parent who abandoned them over their devoted (liberal) white mothers who reared them. Berry, Keys, and Obama have embraced this politicized racial identity, because to do so is smart; because in America, black is beautiful. It also has its special privileges.”

For the same reason, Obama too chose “black” as a racial identity, despite having been abandoned by his black father and raised by his white, maternal grandparents. And despite being half white as well as an allegedly “post-racial” persona.

3 thoughts on “In America, Black Is Beautiful

  1. H Engelbrecht

    To adapt an old philosophical view: “Obama is ordained by God. God is perfect and can do no wrong. Therefore Obama is perfect and can do no wrong.”

    This is pretty much echoed in Lowery’s prayer.

    Can you blame him for embracing his blackness? His decision which politicized identity to embrace was clearly not based on any moral principles nor does it show any integrity. But then again, what does integrity have to do with politics?

    Do not expect any criticism from the mainstream media if Obama does mess up. Whatever goes wrong will be laid at the door of the white man who does not want to “embrace the truth”–colonialism, racism and white-supremacist conspiring. Remember, the King can do no wrong.
    I speak from experience.

  2. Jennifer

    Ilana, AWESOME article! This is what people need to see. It’s a shame not all liberals are classical.

  3. noainc

    It has been a long time since colonialism in Africa was a white on black issue.
    Many nations have been exploited by China, Russia and Cuba for the last 30 to 40 years. The Muslim/Arab exploitation is on a resurgence, even combined with China (as in Darfur).
    The black on black exploitation has always been overwhelming and also continues. To blame your issues on colonialism in America is fraud and shows ignorance of the facts.
    Recent examples of selling the blacks downriver include Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and South Africa. Over the years, islands of prosperity have been sold out, (Rhodesia, South Africa, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Australia, ect) and now the USA is selling out……

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