The Big Lie About Obama And Race

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The excerpt is from my new WND column, “The Big Lie About Obama And Race”:

“Allow me to put forth a simple proposition. The election of Obama is no racial milestone; it’s not that whites have come to their senses. But rather that African-Americans have finally done what’s right (to paraphrase the childish, churlish prose of one Rev. Lowery).

For the first time in a long time, the black community has put forward a candidate of caliber, a candidate the American people were only too willing to consider for the highest office in the land.

Until Barack, the black community had disgorged the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Be they black, brown, yellow or red (Rev. Lowery’s classification) – no sane American would elect those two phonies to serve on their local PTA board, much less in the Oval Office.” …

The complete column is “The Big Lie About Obama And Race”.

15 thoughts on “The Big Lie About Obama And Race

  1. Szasz


    “In GOD We Trust”…

    That is all that is necessary to coerce any (repeat ANY) society into following a particular prescribed (proscribed) course…even if it means “death”… az in “suicide-bombers”….


  2. Tim

    I liked this column and agreed with most of it. I have to disagree that B Hussein was not elected because of his skin color. He most certainly was. In fact, America was so preoccupied with his race that both Americans and the press christened him as “black” even though the truth is he is neither black nor white. He is a person of mixed race, but not if you ask the average American. He is BLACK, because Americans, especially white Americans, need him to be. This was atonement for a sin which no longer exists. This was atonement where none was needed. Yet, as you have brilliantly pointed out, we have been so inculcated and brainwashed with lies from the left that racism is a given, as certainly as death and taxes are certain.

  3. Frank Zavisca


    Obama’s election is NOT “new news” for White America.

    Quite a number of Black candidates have been elected in majority White districts (James Watts OK, Ken Blaackwell OH, many others).

    But they are mostly Republicans.

    Obama is nearly a first – a somewhat qualified Black Democrat who actually appeals to White voters.

  4. Pierre Legrand

    That is all that is necessary to coerce any (repeat ANY) society into following a particular prescribed (proscribed) course…even if it means “death”… az in “suicide-bombers”….

    Oh…The United States has a long history of suicide bombers eh? My goodness I don’t mind atheists so much that I want them silenced too bad they cannot show the same deference.

    Live and let live…eh?

  5. Tom

    According to news media reports, Barack Obama’s Black African Kenyan paternal grandmother Sarah Obama was in Washington DC for the coronation; however, I did not see any video or news media interviews with Sarah Obama, and of course, no questions about the possibility of Barack Obama being born in Kenya.

  6. Myron Pauli

    (1) “only whites can be racists” – and I presume that when Hutus murder Tutsis, they are magically transformed into whiteys moments before the machete comes down on the victim. Admittedly, the hatred that the master has for the slave matters more than the hatred the slave has towards the master but that is a reflection of relative power, not ones feeling. (2) As Orwell wrote – “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” (3) However, I disagree with your implication that “the black community” [this was not the literal implication at all.–IM] had put up Jackson, Sharpton, or Obama since these candidates run on their own volition – just as “the Jewish community” did not have some caucus to put up the silly Lieberman. (4) On the other hand, you are correct that Senator Obama was a credible black candidate for office while Jackson and Sharpton were merely professional victimologists – often wrong but occasionally correct (like the recent BART slaying in Oakland) (5) As you correctly point out, Obama was raised by a white family and attended Columbia & Harvard Law – acquiring cultural blackness to be politically viable in Chicago.

  7. Gene Lewis


    “the black community has put forward a candidate of caliber”

    The Democratic Party put forth Obama, since he effectively has no past his “caliber” will be determined in the future.


  8. Rod

    I have misplaced the exact figures I read, but I recall that approximately 45% of the “white” voters supported Obama, while 95% of “blacks” voted for him. No, no racism here.

  9. Richard Allen

    Hello Ilana Mercer,
    I read your column about “The Big Lie About Obama And Race”. I thought how coincidental that I read your column after last night watching on “RetroPlex” movie channel “To Kill A Mocking Bird” made from Lee Harper’s book. It is one of the most racist movies I have ever seen. All whites, even the best of them, are all stupid, ignorant, murderous, retarded, liars, perjurers, vigilantes, and racists. The blacks are all kind, loving, understanding, patient, truthful, law abiding, calm, hardworking, respectful, concerned, down trodden, and wrongfully convicted. All of this in this film. What a difference between the races!
    I wondered as I watched it, what happened to the Uncle Remus stories, the Little Black Sambo story, Huckleberry Finn and so many others like them and, “Song of the South”? All too racist and never to be seen again, but this very obviously racist antiwhite film is presented as a glorious work of art. Yes, it was written by a woman, white woman, that is. Very strange land I live in. Sort of a “Alice in Wonderland” affair or “Though the Looking Glass”

  10. robert

    This is thoughtful work. Pat Buchanan noticed similar points about an “Obama connection” in his most recent column. It is a sad state of affairs when a people unite over what they are against, rather than what they support. There are certain qualities about the Obama character (not his policy) that we can and should support — some of these are “The qualities Americans appeared to find universally appealing in the ambitious, affable Obama – his confidence and calm, and his commitment to community and kin, education and excellence – these came from Kansas, not Kenya.” The qualities of admiration, honest disagreements and fair fights are not present to the same degree in charlatans like Al Sharpton as they are in polished politicians of Obama’s caliber. As a President, his policies may be a disaster waiting to happen. But as Jay Leno remarked last night about the oath of office screw up: “What’s the big deal about possibly being without a Commander and Chief for 36 hours, we haven’t had one for the last eight years!”

  11. Martin Berrow

    This is a outstanding article by ILana. Racism is running rampant in America, and the black community is heartily in charge of this to be certain. Martin Berrow~”Hungarian American”….

  12. Chip

    I say ditto to Tim’s comment above. I have never seen a more racist campaign in my life, and I have been alive since Ike’s first term. Just imagine if Barry was was all white, and everything else was the same. His candidacy would not have even been given consideration. As it was, boobus americanus tripped over each other lining up to show how “not racist” they are by voting for the black guy. The media failed to scrutinize the black guy. A white guy with questions about his citizenship hanging over his head would never have gotten away with it, but we can’t question the black guy.
    Sheep. Baa!!!

  13. Van Wijk

    Closing Gitmo yesterday, today opening the door for federal funding of abortionists…what will it be tomorrow? I believe we are now seeing Obama’s true face for the first time. He is a hard leftist, a follower of Black Liberation Theology, and I think we can expect to see very little in the way of centrist policy decisions in the future. His victory has been secured and he no longer has any need to be conciliatory to anyone to his right.

    Furthermore, the fact that he is less bad than the atrocious Jackson and Sharpton does not in itself recommend him as a man of caliber. Obama is an enemy of conservatism and he’s itching to prove it.

    [If only Republicans applied the same yardstick to Bush about whom the same can be said: he was the enemy of conservatism. The difference between Obama and Bush is that the former never pretended to be a conservative, much less a friend to conservatism.–IM]

  14. Jennifer

    Actually Richard, “Mockingbird” featured one of the most heroic white patriarchs to ever grace the pages of fiction: are you forgetting Atticus? The book was not racist in the least; Calpurnia the black maid was often bossy and pushy, and it even revealed that the black Reverend of the church she attended was something of an obnoxious chauvinist. All blacks were not perfect in that book, any more than the whites. I think you need to consider your comments more carefully.

  15. Jennifer

    Wonderful and revelatory article, Ilana. I’ll be saving it for anyone who will listen.

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