UPDATED (7/22/019): Is English Dead In England?

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Check out this paragraph in the Daily Mail. I did not read beyond it.

… it was noted that the star either went of his meds completely or starting taking less once the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star started experiencing anxiety after her robbery that left her bound and gagged.

From: “Kanye West’s breakdown …”


Judge Andrew Napolitano’s juvenile style: “What if, what if, what if” times 12. WTF! A good editor would’ve demanded a rewrite.

UPDATE (7/22/019):

No, @JamesTrejo1945. But if you tweet, “LAYING on the bed, now,” instead of, “LYING on bed now, and LAYING tiles later on”—I’ll have a petite fit. ? Or, if you write, “I LAID on the ground,” instead of “I LAY on ground”: You’ll make me miserable.