Keeping Them Dishonest

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Anderson Cooper is reporting from the Syria-Turkish border (or maybe the bathhouse). Cooper has allowed a brief segment in which The Rebels (our side, of course) are arresting and coercing other Syrians to join their cause, at the point of a gun.

As usual, “Keeping them Honest Cooper” (that’s his slogan) is soliciting the bellicose advice of the Arab neoconservatives. The local chalabies, if you will. (Chalaby was the Iraqi who agitated on American tv for American intervention in Iraq, and fed the New York Times’ birdbrain Judith Miller, now perching at FoxNews, with the “intelligence” she presented to the public.)

Fouad A. Ajami, if I recall, once even called for a Marshal Plan for the Arab countries. Some of the Arab neoconservatives were once close to Bush, and keep reinventing themselves as perfectly legitimate (because not Jewish) agitators for US intervention in the Middle east.

In any case, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters on Monday something that “Keeping them Dishonest Cooper” failed to: “weapons continue to flow to [Syria’s] militant opposition.”

Car bombs were not the norm in Syria; now they are. “At least 55 people have been killed and 372 others injured by two powerful blasts in the Syrian capital on Thursday morning,” reports RT.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov does not rule out the possibility of outside forces being involved in masterminding the Damascus attacks. [Qatar and Saudi Arabia, for sure, and, in all likelihood, the US] “At least some of our partners are doing some practical things aimed at exploding the situation [in Syria] both in a direct and indirect sense of the word. I mean the explosions you have mentioned,” Lavrov commented on the blasts during a press conference in Beijing.
Qatar and Saudi Arabia have admitted that they support Syrian opposition financially. It is believed that Turkey is turning a blind eye on armed groups using Syrian refugee camps on Turkish territory near the border to rest and regroup before moving into Syria.

Just where Anderson is.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Them Dishonest

  1. james huggins

    We need to stay out of
    Syria, get out of the rest of the Middle East, drill our own oil back here and let the sheep stealers and throat cutters go at it. Americans aren’t smart enough to deal with the Middle East. The Arab world can’t even figure themselves out.

  2. Nebojsa Malic

    Training/arming camps on the border, terrorist attacks aimed at soliciting intervention – this is already resembling the Kosovo scenario, and now word comes that Syrian and Libyan “democratic rebels” are getting “training” from the KLA. Not in fighting – the KLA never could fight – but in production of atrocity porn, with the purpose of justifying outside intervention.
    That isn’t to say that the U.S. is “repeating mistakes” – oh no, I am outright suggesting the Kosovo intervention was as rigged as Libya, and as Syria is about to become.

  3. Myron Pauli

    There is a one country in that region of the world with a 20% Arab population which has actual elections that allow opposition parties to go in and out of power ….. it is {{{CENSORSED}}}.

    I expect nothing much out of this Arab Spring Summer Winter Fall hooey other than the usual Thug One beats opposing Thugs OR Thug Two takes over from Thug One and beats opposing Thugs.

    What is even more aggravating than calls for more intervention being stupid is that very few people – certainly not the media, the politicians, or “public opinion” has learned from previous failures.

    As for Obama-Romney, they are busy fighting the election on gay marriage so issues of wars and deficits do not matter at all!

  4. Michael Marks

    Arab Spring, Arab Fall looks more like a winter of discontent. The actions of the rebels, if you will, do not speak of hearts yearning to be free. They speak of one set of repressed people getting their pound of flesh out their opressors. Freedom and tolerance? Are you kidding me? Christians and Jews are being slaughtered all across the Arab Spring. Have we just become to blind or too stupid to see what is really happening here? We are watching an Islamic revolution across North Africa and the Middle East and yet “W” has the gaul to say we must not fear freedom. Beam me up Scotty!

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