UPDATE II (3/7/021): Meghan Markle Against The Monarchy? Probably.

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American actress Meghan Markle is sure to finish what Lady Diana almost accomplished: destroy the Monarchy. Markle is a divorced, left-liberal feminist out of Hollywood, which, you must agree, screams degeneracy.

Kate Middleton, aka The Duchess of Cambridge, is not only a gorgeous girl; but has turned out to be manifestly stabler than her late mother-in-law (which, I guess, is not saying much, considering that the dodo Diana was a manipulative neurotic, given to histrionics).

A harbinger of things to come, Harry: Markle dominated the little I saw of the couple’s interview.

UPDATE (12/4): Has poor Prince Harry seen this? Meghan Markle was a miserable, humorless, unoriginal scold at age 11, sharing same banal views of 99% of elite establishment.

UPDATE II (3/7/021):

Don’t show Meghan Markle any Dr. Seuss books; that’ll send her over the edge. Or, maybe do?

Anyone watch this empty head’s pity party with Oprah, the peddler of trash, white and black?