Money: Mitt’s Mark of Cain

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Mitt Romney is a marked man in socialist-minded America. Over the past two years, he paid a “mere” 15 percent on $42.7 million, “because his income was derived almost entirely from capital gains and dividends from his extensive portfolio of investments.”

Of this $42.5 million fortune made over the past two years, seven million was given to charity. More than Mitt paid in taxes. Of that generosity mainstream morons disapprove because Romney’s charities tend to be Mormon related.

Contrast Mr. and Mrs. Romney to the miserly Joe Biden and his lefty wife. The latter gave between 0.1% and 0.3% of their income to charity. Not exactly the two tithes the Romneys spare for the poor.

There is a lot wrong with Mitt’s political philosophy. There is not a lot wrong with Mitt the Man.

6 thoughts on “Money: Mitt’s Mark of Cain

  1. Redman

    How sad but, how true: tell a big lie, tell it long and loud and, soon, everyone will believe it. Mitt, like most private sector workers probably owes no tax as the tax law and tax code apply only to federal income (whatever that is). Earnings received by embedded workers in the private sector engaged in activities of common occupations fall outside the taxing scope of the central govt. The 16th amendment only addressed private earnings derived from a federal entity by over riding the apportionment requirement for such earnings; it did not expand the taxing authority to cover all private sector earnings, as is currently thought.

    This is perhaps the greatest scam in history as millions of people unknowingly give away their property to the central govt. while thinking they are obeying the law. A deceived man does not know he is deceived and, from all available evidence, the majority of Americans are deceived when it comes to federal income tax law. It is the very old paradigm of “they can’t all be wrong” when, in fact, they most assuredly are!

    The facts about the income tax, it’s genesis, it’s history, it’s matriculation since 1913, it’s revisions, and it’s present application can be found at Don’t continue to be one of the deceived; get the facts, learn the truth, and then take action to restore the rule of law to the tax issue.

  2. Dennis

    It it so damn easy for people to criticize the successful. It is so damn easy to spot those who either feel “guilty” about their wealth or who mask themselves as being “guilty” but are all the while making behind-the-scenes deals – could that be W.B., B&M. G., and others?

    I really would like to see high schools incorporate a MANDATORY Business Start-up Course for Juniors and Seniors. In this course students would have to prepare Business, Marketing, Sales,and Financial Plans. Oh, don’t forget all the REGULATIONS THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED AS WELL AS TAX OBLIGATIONS, WORKER’S RIGHTS, UNION CONTRACTS, EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, ETC. Then they would have to find financial support for their enterprise…perhaps Mitt would agree to fund them!?!?

    Many can talk-the-talk, but can they walk-the-walk?

    I am not a Mitt supporter, but I do respect his accomplishments, do not envy his success, view him as honorable, and am sorry for him that much of the American public has never gotten over the class warfare ideology. If Republicans cannot see what is happening…or do not care what is happening…to American individual liberties, society and its economic future, well, book the next flight to Australia because you will truly become irrelevant.

  3. My RON-PAUL i

    Amen! I found that I gave an order of magnitude more to charity than the Bidens and Gores put together and I am nowhere in the Mitt economic class.

    Policy-wise, I hold my nose watching Mitt and the “you’re despicable” serial adulterous BIG IDEA Newt agreeing about putting men on Mars (with whose taxes from a bankrupt government??!). As people, Mitt and Rick come off well above Messiah Obama and Big Ideas Newt. Of course, the point is that I do not want ANY of them to run my life! I don’t want Ron Paul to run schools or decide my health care either. I don’t even want Ron Paul to “lead the world” – I want people to run their own lives. Strangely, it all sounds like some crackpot revolutionary idea these days.

    I saw a Twilight Zone episode with a primordial neocon boasting in 1881 about the need to plant the US flag everywhere and a 1963 physicist – time-traveler told him “you’ll get your wish – at the cost of millions of lives”. I was thinking about what would Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson think if transported to the present to see the Global Bankrupt Corrupt America??

  4. Steve Hogan

    Ilana, let’s be fair now. Joe Biden has recurring costs that Mitt Romney can avoid. Biden’s hair plugs must have cost a fortune!

    And visiting the tanning salon regularly starts to add up (and it looks like the Speaker of the House is a regular customer too).

    Then there are the routine medical expenses associated with having his foot extracted from his mouth every time he makes a public statement.

    All of this puts a major dent in the VP’s personal budget. No wonder he has nothing left to give to others.

  5. Robert Glisson

    I have not been able to understand how it is terrible for a Republican to have a dollar and it is wonderful that a Democrat has a trillion. A recent article criticized Ron Paul for riding First Class on government voucher even though he turns most of the funding back. One Democrat defended Nancy Piposi(my spelling) for her use of a plane, not a ticket, regularly as being OK, but Paul was wasting the public’s money. Another Democrat columnist bragged on a Democrat Senator for his raising farm subsidies; because, he was a farmer himself (nudge-nudge) Filling his pockets at the public trough. What really bothers me though is how the public buys the reverse logic.

  6. sunny black

    >putting men on Mars (with whose taxes from a bankrupt >government??!).

    I hear what you’re saying Myron. But in the most recent debate in Florida, didn’t Mr. Gingrich say he’d want to encourage private entities to create these “romantic” ventures into outer space? I think he mentioned offering a prize to motivate entrepreneurs (akin to the Transatlantic flight prize claimed by Mr. Lindbergh), which would then revitalize the Space Coast area. This is one instance where Gingrich at least offered a private solution, as opposed to a federally funded blank check.

    I don’t think anyone’s really in the mood for treks to Mars or permanent moon colonies at the moment. He’s just humoring central Florida.

    I’m sure Newt as President would find other ways to bloat government in the name of grand visions. That’s the flaw with Newt, isn’t it? This Teddy Roosevelt admiration for doing Big Things. For all his recent talk about reining in government, Newt’s core is about being an Important Person who did Important Things. The last thing you’d want to do is put a History teacher in office; it stand to reason he’d want to be a Historic President(!) who did BIG THINGS! Like, the Roosevelts, Lyndon Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, etc.

    The only way he does big things is by $pending, $pending, $pending. This whole thing with chiding the leftist media and kissing up to Ron Paul, it’s all a big con on his part. Credit him for recognizing the GOP G-spot; Mitt Romney could never find it.

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