UPDATED: Bitch Pitch (Orgasmic Oracles)

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In anticipation of their president’s performance tonight, the pitches for BHO coming from likes of CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and her colleague Jessica Yellin reached a crescendo today. Yellin was yelling about her man’s achievements, no less. After all, the economy looks good through the eyes of a sinecured CNN, left-liberal correspondent.

Malveaux sought out a professor who was able to smuggle into his conversation about problem solving a word about different presidential cognitive styles. Hint: Obama, aka “You Can’t Fix Stupid,” was “professorial,” deliberate, thoughtful. Bush, an equal-offender moron, was an impetuous Decider.

Malveaux set the scene for questioning a tax expert about Mitt’s money by framing the discussion thus: “He [Romney] hasn’t done anything illegal, has he?”, the link between having money and criminality having been established.

To be charitable, these bimbos are so dim, they operate hormonally, on a subconscious level. They know not what they do, although forgive them you should not.

UPDATE: Just heard Jessica (I don’t watch CNN, John; I listen to it while doing chores). Made a point of not watching her act all in heat. What has excited Yellin so? The president is going to present a “vision” for the nation, she tells us. He will pose a question [to the same stupid people who cannot read his previous, almost-identical SOTU]: What kind of America do you want? One in which rich people [many of whom were once poor] rob the poor, or one in which each has a fair shot? Here Jess cracked a greedy, goulash smile, for (and I’m paraphrasing), as she added, while prez will not point fingers, you will KNOW exactly to whom he is referring.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bitch Pitch (Orgasmic Oracles)

  1. John Danforth

    You’ve got a strong stomach, if you can watch that tripe.

  2. Westie

    The Bitch Pitch, great tag for the (s)nuuz babes. Thanks for doing the dirty job of watching this worthless pomo.

  3. My Ron-Paul i

    Jessica Yellin, Suzanne Malveaux, and Soledad O’ Brien are OFFICIALLY brilliant people since they all attended Hahvahd (a certain University in Cambridge Massachusetts) which, a fortiori, makes them brilliant – just as the smartest woman on the planet, Michelle Obama attended Princeton and her husband went to Columbia where he excelled in “Hope N Change”.

    Mitt may often be full of something that rhymes with Mitt but he did make some money – maybe by manipulating voluntary capital – but that says more FOR him than some parasite like our “community organizer” President who just knows how to manipulate stolen goods (e.g. taxpayer funds).

    As for the dreadful “debate” – it was a “nya nya nya” contest between Newt and Mitt with Ron and Rick as furniture. When given 2 minutes to speak, Ron Paul wasted it with some semi-coherent points on whether Iran should legitimately sink ships in Hormuz.

  4. Robert Glisson

    I only saw part of one of his addresses to Congress and the Supreme Court. At that time he told the Supreme court judges they didn’t know the Constitution. From the expression on their faces, that did not go over well. No, I think I’ll write instead, I have a new story that I want to read as it unfolds unto the keyboard.

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