Updated: Muslim ‘Moderate’ Offs Wife’s Head

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A pillar of the community was apparently still beholden to a pillar of Islam: “disciplining” a disobedient wife.

Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III called this barbarism in Buffalo “the worst form of domestic violence possible.”

I’m not sure I concur; Muzzammil Hassan’s was simply a culturally compatible response to disobedience.

Muslims are fond of pointing out that the atrocities perpetrated in the name of the faith are not commanded in the Koran. Can we agree that there’s something in the faith of Jihad that has “inspired”–even sanctioned–honor killings, clitoridectomy, and forced marriage? Punishment for the first crime in Muslim countries is light, at best.

Multicultural understanding was forthcoming from the authorities in the form of a second-degree murder charge.

The complete story is here (via Larry Auster).

From the vault:

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Update (February 17): On Feb. 14, Thomas Fleming wrote:

“Muzzammil ‘Mo’ Hassan, who has been has been lauded by Jay Leno and NPR, has been charged with second-degree murder. What does it take to get a first degree murder charge—vivisection?”

4 thoughts on “Updated: Muslim ‘Moderate’ Offs Wife’s Head

  1. Van Wijk

    First there was the unicorn, then the yeti, and now the Moderate Muslim. I swear I saw one just the other day, but when I approached it fled.

    [Witty. LOL]

  2. Myron Pauli

    Well, in all fairness to Islam, Muzzammil is one behind Henry VIII. [Please; how many centuries back was Henry III? In what century does M. lives? For heaven’s sake!] I think the real question is: what is the reaction of the Moslem community? Any religion can pop out an occasional pervert [Oh, yes, and as has been documented on this site, Christians and Jew are just as likely to do what M. did. PLEASE again!] atrociteis happen equally but what concerns me is when babykillers (like Palestinian bus bombers or those who slit the throats of small children) get applauded in mass rallies.

  3. Barbara Grant

    Can you imagine what might have been the reaction if one of the husbands in that breakaway Mormon sect in Texas had “offed” the head of one of his wives last year? The Federal police would have descended big time on that location—even moreso than they did! As it happened, all the kids were removed anyway.

    This is by way of demonstrating that no, all “atrocities” do not happen equally, nor are they dealt with equally by our system of “justice.” Belief systems imported to our shores by foreign nationals are treated with the greatest respect. I’m sure that really helps diminish the horror that the decapitated woman’s family is going through.

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