NEW COLUMN: Exporting Toxic Wokeism

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Exporting Toxic Wokeism” is the new column now on WND.COM, The Unz Review,,, The New American and American Renaissance.

And excerpt:

America has made a habit of exporting democracy at the point of the bayonet, be it by fomenting war or agitating for color-coded, plant-based revolutions, blessed and backed by the duopoly.

While not as lethal, cultural trends and products exported can be toxic, too. They, moreover, displace and contaminate indigenous culture. To wit, Wokeism is made in America, is entirely toxic, and, sadly, suffers no supply-chain disruptions in its spread abroad.

In case you’re not awake to it, woke is the current state-of-being in America. In particular, to be woke in America is to be anti-white and to be anti-white is to be woke. More so than “in” and “hip”—to be woke is existentially important; it will often determine whether one gets and keeps a job, a social media account, even a bank account.

Although Wokeism is a product of a distorted and deformed American marketplace of ideas—there is always a libertarian who sees a free and energetic agora worthy of defending and exporting, where there is only coercion and cruelty.

“Wokeism has passed a market test,” effuses Tyler Cowen, an economist writing for “The woke movement could be the next great U.S. cultural export—and it is going to do many other countries some real good.”

Yes, Cowen, a libertarian, both explains and exculpates  an increasingly entrenched, coercive system of pigment-based prejudice and persecution. “Wokeism,” he further enthuses, “is an idea that can be adapted to virtually every country: Identify a major form of oppression in a given region or nation, argue that people should be more sensitive to it, add some rhetorical flourishes, purge some wrongdoers (and a few innocents) and voila — you have created another woke movement.”

Welcome to the quintessential, collectivist, libertarian Jacobinism—Cowen’s. Omelets can’t be made without breaking the few proverbial eggs. Cowen, like most of his ilk—and against all evidence—also thinks that, “American culture is a healthy, democratizing, liberating influence,” so he wants “to extend it.” …

… READ THE REST. “Exporting Toxic Wokeism” is now on WND.COM, The Unz Review and,, The New American and American Renaissance


One thought on “NEW COLUMN: Exporting Toxic Wokeism

  1. Nicholas

    Germans of a bygone generation called this phenomenon by its proper name: «Amerikanisierung»… Europe, laid prostrate by two world wars, is but the passive receptacle for the cultural refuse of America. And having sunken to a base level of existence, Americans can only perpetuate their supremacy by degrading the rest of the world to their state. Again, the Germans have a tidy term for this: «Unkultur»

    I applaud your strident commitment to objective standards. I too lament the deplorable influence of rap/hip-hop—for both its aesthetic and moral deficiencies—but ‘wokeism’ clearly condenses all previous trends into a singular form, while charging it with a fresh revolutionary power. Libertarians like Cowen, who would reduce all traditional cultures (including our own) to the relentless leveling force of the market, are naked philistines who see nothing in our shared patrimony but interchangeable commodities. «Mammonism»? «Warenfetischismus»? Whatever name it takes, it always tends towards a common logical outcome.

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