UPDATED (10/21/022): NEW COLUMN IS “Race And Sex Hegemons To Control The Skies

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NEW COLUMN IS “Race And Sex Hegemons To Control The Skies.” It is currently featured on WND.COM , The Unz Review, The New American, American Renaissance, and on Saturday, at Townhall.com.


The topic was “the end of the all-male, all-white cockpit.”

The context: A June 3, 2022 TV episode, in which Fox News personality Tucker Carlson beseeched viewers to look beyond the race and gender of pilots, to his or her competence. “What’s color to do with competence?” he demanded to know.

Mr. Carlson was appealing to the wrong audience.

In America, where woke is ruthlessly propelled by the private-sector, the commercial aviation industry has been itching to replace humble men like Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III, with black women (the looks of whom indicate that a good weave, tattooed eyebrows and eyelash extension are baseline requirements).

Using their employees’ opposition to forced vaccination as a proxy for backbone, moxie and rational thinking—the commercial aviation industry is increasingly shedding very many magnificent, military-trained pilots.

Just so there’s no confusion: Pilots with the right stuff are being selected out of their profession.

Granted, correlation is not causation, but if there is a statistically significant correlation between gender or race and the likelihood one survives a plane flight—well then, one might just want to consider these variables as proxies for safety and survival, however politically impolite it is.

Tucker might want to check the aggregate accident statistics to determine who are the best, safest pilots. By ScienceDirect’s telling, “… females employed by major airlines had significantly higher accident rates than their male counterparts overall.” [Emphasis added.]

To be expected, ScienceDirect then launches a fusillade of excuse-making weasel words to conceal with bafflegab that if you fly with a female, you’re a little less likely to reach your destination. It’s a ghost of a chance, but hey, life matters. Do you want to lose it?

Yes, female pilots have a higher error/accident rate, but never mind that say the Fake Science purveyors; this is only so because they are younger and less experienced. Airlines should make every effort to recruit and retain “experienced” females and manage diversity, they exhort.

Essentially—and while plummeting to his death—the passenger should search his bigoted soul. In addition to letting go of your life; you must release all bigotry. Those thoughts about how race and sex could well correlate with flight safety, and how you wish you had checked the pilot before you took the fatal flight: Let them go. Oh, and by the way, RIP, you sexist, you racist.

The desired outcome is that you fly with a less able pilot, ceteris paribus. …

… READ THE REST. NEW COLUMN, “Race And Sex Hegemons To Control The Skies,” is currently featured on WND.COM ,The Unz Review, The New American, American Renaissance, and on Saturday, at Townhall.com.

UPDATED (10/21/022): “Virginia plane crash kills flight instructor, injures student pilot.” Yes, and in addition to all else that was wrong with this fated flight—the flight instructor is a bubbly 23-year-old child/girl. Was.

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6 thoughts on “UPDATED (10/21/022): NEW COLUMN IS “Race And Sex Hegemons To Control The Skies

  1. Moe Gibbs

    AmRen nuked my comment on this article, as they often do under petulant Jared Taylor’s direction. Post a provocative article, guaranteed to inflame passion, and then stifle all passionate response to it in the name of ‘civility’. Well, his playhouse, his rules. Let’s see what you make of it:

    What should happen if, say, Captain La’Queefa Bojeebus and First Officer D’Vontae Muhdikk aren’t on speaking terms the day you step aboard Breakwind Airlines flight 1313, Hotlanta to Chicongo, owing to some nastiness over the disposition of the last piece of fried chicken? Do ya feel lucky, SJW punk?

    Well, do ya?

  2. Ilana Mercer Post author

    Are you sure this is not Fred Reed talking? A compliment, of course. Humor and acid wit are always welcome here.

  3. Juvenal Early

    Moe, if you want to riff on weaves and fake fingernails, be my guest, but please lay off of people who love fried chicken. I’d eat it 4 times a week if my cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist, internal specialist would stop harping on A1C. I even like bad fried chicken.

    BTW, I think KFC will give you one free drumstick if you mention ILANA‘s column, the Tuesday after she uses the great word “bafflegab.”

  4. Ol Buck

    Kudos for “bafflegab”! I thought it was a neologism from your honor, but I see it was coined in 1952. Still, thanks for enhancing my vocabulary!

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