UPDATED (10/17/022): The Sea Has Parted: Candace Owens Gives Whites Permission To Matter



Tucker Carlson is the only mainstream, massively popular exponent of the paleoconservative political philosophy. He is a smart thought leader. For this reason I anatomize Mr. Carlson’s thinking. It’s important. My own commentary over 22 years is distinctly analytical—I deconstruct argument for my readers—premise, conclusion, non sequitur, etc.

Today’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (10/10/022) featured Tucker’s go-to black person, Candace Owens. This is the GOP/Fox News MO. Invite a black person on to expatiate on anti-white hatred, for this act absolves conservatives from racism. It’s in the tradition of “Showing Off How Black-Focused They Are, which is Republicans’ Main Focus.”

Duly, and “magnanimously,” Candace gave whites permission to matter.

Note that what undergirds this pigmental production—friendly, GOP-approved, blacks opposing anti-whitism—is that, first, the statement “white lives matter” is considered, if not racist, politically incorrect or insensitive. Another premise is that virtuous whites should not defend themselves, for to defend white interests is improper, even racist.

Her collaboration with Ye West to affirm that white lives aren’t forfeit Candace now depicts as nothing less than a “cultural moment.” The seas have parted.

Candace and Ye put on a T-shirt to signal that, “White American you are a part of this too” (by which Candace means that whites are part of the lives matter movement).

I don’t want to be part of the Black Lives matter movement. And I do not need permission from Candace to advocate against an endemically anti-white society, something myself and other White Lives Matter thought leaders have done thanklessly for a very long time.

“The results of black lives matter,” Owens further asserts, “is white supremacy, assuming that blacks are so stupid as to ‘riot’ their own communities to fulfill a narrative about police brutality.”

My, my, is that a stupid thing to say or what! Truly stupid. On the one hand, Owens fully concedes that society is anti-white; on the other hand, Owens positions herself as a warrior for black interests. Blacks are suffering due to BLM, says she. Nonsense, they are not. Blacks are given enormous latitude and advantages over whites and most seem to revel in and love the leverage afforded by the BLM story-line. At least Ye West admits to working for black interests.

Owens has portrayed herself before in messianic terms.  “When she and Charlie Kirk spoke for Brexit in London, circa 2018, they dubbed their visit ‘the most important American philosophical arrival to [sic] Europe since Thomas Jefferson arrived in Paris.’ That was Charlie Kirk, not Russell Kirk.” (See “Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About ‘Riot And Rut’ Crowd.)

Thus did Owens’ mental mishmash end with our leading lady as a focal point in a “farmer’s market,” where whites flock to her, as she tells it; congregate around her, thanking her for giving whites “their voice back.”


Kanye West dissed the Kushners, Ivanka included. He told Tucker that Ivanka owes everything to Trump, yet was a slick handler who messed with Trump’s mission. Very good.

Exactly what I said in all my columns on The 1st-Couple-In-Waiting.?

As I put it, “the oddly plastic-looking Kushner couple has suctioned itself to the West Wing and is blowing up the Trump agenda.”




UPDATE (10/17/022):

Great comment here on BAB by Juvenal, about Candace Owens’ “blacksplaining,” as he puts it, facilitated erroneously by Tucker Carlson.

“They never get to the heart of the matter, which is that blacks have pathologies for which they keep finding scapegoats to blame…”

Juvenal: I don’t think American conservatives have the spinal and intellectual wherewithal to get to the race-realist truth.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED (10/17/022): The Sea Has Parted: Candace Owens Gives Whites Permission To Matter

  1. Me Filter

    The Sea Has Parted: Candace Owens Gives Whites Permission To Matter —–[FINALLY, you call Candace Owens out!! And sees her as the fraud she is!]

    When Tucker has “Her Highness” on I fast-forward so I don’t have to hear her self-assured drivel.

    She is the token black woman he goes to so as to prove all blacks are just like her, which we all know is a bald-faced lie.

    I dare someone to ask (or is that ax?) her about “The Talk” all young negro kids get about blaming whitey for all their woes. The result? An ongoing hatred of whites, white men in particular.

    She’s a shallow waste of time.

  2. DaveForTexas

    She can say it and get away with it, to a point.
    But we all know the truth…Whites that say it are punished.
    “When the entire establishment comes together to denounce “It’s okay to be white” or “White lives matter,” it decisively refutes the Left’s thesis that we live in systems of white supremacism and privilege. It also exposes that multiculturalism does not envision a world in which whites enjoy equality and harmony with other groups. The multiculturalist utopia does not envision whites at all”


  3. Tim Broxson

    I was so glad to see Kanye West call out the pieces of Dingle Berry Kushners. So many of us conservatives could easily see just what they were doing when Trump was president. They had no business in the White House whatsoever. I wish to God Donald Trump could wake up and see them for what they really are, The way that we see them.

    Kanye West said yesterday about his bank terminating all, all his banking business with him, for everything he had to say in Tucker Carlson‘s interview that you can see on tuckers other show if you have the Fox News app. He also said the real reason they terminated their relationship is his feelings towards the Kushner‘s and they sit on the banks board of directors. Lol ?.

    The bank is, JP MORGAN—CHASE. He also said not only was he glad that he crossed the line he’s going to keep crossing it every day and stay on the other side of the line no matter who it shakes up.

    “When the apostle Paul was here he crossed the line every day. When the man opened his mouth God spoke through him and his words started a riot in so many places that he went. More than one town would throw him out of town bruised up. Today they simply throw you away by not wanting to do business with you.

    That’s fine with me if they want to lose many millions of dollars in banking fees. And I am putting everybody on notice, everybody on this evil woke left. Me in the Lord Jesus Christ are just getting started! whoa onto you people who twist words and take the truth and turn them into a lie and take a lie and turn it into a truth for you Will be exposed!

    It doesn’t matter to me how many millions of dollars I may lose. Because I am being called just like my hero The apostle Paul to do the work of the Lord! yes you can quote that! because Jesus is coming after all of them!”

    Kanye West. On Tucker Carlson Interview.

  4. Juvenal Early

    Great post, ILANA.

    Yes, I’m tired all this blacksplaining (did someone coin that term?) that Carlson facilitates. The process is always the same. Feral blacks attack whites physically or find yet another occasion to call whites racist, systematically or otherwise. Tucker invites a black conservative—usually the bombastic Owens—to reassure the whites that they’re OK (like we wouldn’t know otherwise), & that BLM or Marxists are hurting blacks by continually eating the homework. As ILANA would say, “wash, rinse, repeat.”

    They never get to the heart of the matter, which is that blacks have pathologies for which they keep finding scapegoats to blame, rather than owning up to the obvious & admitting they have a problem & need to do a little housecleaning.

    That blacks are somehow hurt by BLM or the media egging them on or the welfare state is as preposterous as the idea that school bullies do what they do because they suffer from low self esteem. In fact, we’ve learned that their self-esteem is pretty damn high.

    Blacksplainers who whitewash whites (only sorta) in racist disputes are tiresome and ineffective. Tucker should try inviting a true race realist on, the next time whites are attacked. Then he can maybe bring on Pat Buchanan for an hourlong interview, during which he can apologize to Pat for Fox’s de facto blacklisting.

    Prediction: once the bloom is off Candace’s rose, and the invitations stop, she will write an autobiography in which she will complain of all the racism she experienced during her years working for Conservatism Incorporated (“Con-Oink”).

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