UPDATED III (6/12): NEW COLUMN: N.Y, Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster

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NEW COLUMN, “N.Y, Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster,” appeared on WND.COM, The Unz Review, CNSNews.com and Townhall.com.

And excerpt:

There is this New York City psychiatrist. Her name is Aruna Khilanani.

For convenience, I will call her Aruna KhilaWhiteMan. It’s apropos—and “white privilege” makes it hard for me to pronounce her name. (Mind you, my faithful anti-Semitic readers, whose loyalty I appreciate, assure me that as a Jew, I’m not Caucasian. My mother, a blond, blue-eyed Jew, calls it an olive skin. My editor’s wry quip takes the cake: “You’re at least as white as George Zimmerman.”)

In a lecture to the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, no less, Dr. Aruna Khilanani offered a glimpse into her criminal mind. She likened whites to “demented, violent predators who think that they are saints or superheroes.”

She let the septic tank that is her mind flow over. Said Dr. KhilaWhiteMan:

I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor. (Time stamp: 7:17)

For her murderous fantasies against the pigmentally deficient, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan ought to have been criminally profiled by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. This primitive reptilian brain might be a danger to the community waiting to happen.

Instead, morality has been inverted. Rather than being hobbled by her deviant views and disgusting demeanor, Dr. KhilaWhiteMan has been approved and elevated at every step of her privileged romp through America’s institutions.

Someone in authority invited such scum of the earth to give a talk to the nation’s top university, Yale, an intellectual shithole, really. …

… MORE.  READ “N.Y, Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster,”  on WND.COM, The Unz Review, CNSNews.com and Townhall.com.

UPDATE I (6/10):

A journal publication on “Parasitic Whiteness”:

The point needs to be NOT that this is a word salad written by a fool—but that this sub-intelligent bafflegab is published in a mainstream, reputable journal and that this is becoming the norm. Institutional rot is the nub.


UPDATED II (6/11): LETTERS. A Townhall.com reader noticed them fighting words.

Geez, Ilana, don’t sugarcoat it so much. Tell your readers what you really think. You’re an established and respected voice by now, you don’t have tip-toe around the rough spots.

And, I love it when I make people laugh.

“Yale, an intellectual s**thole, really.”
I love it–you can certainly add Harvard to that list along with most of the remainder of the Ivy League cesspools of “modern” education

UPDATE III (6/12): 

Ties in with my theme of institutional rot. She’s been selected, qualified and promoted for this teacher’s job. This educators’s base nature, repulsive demeanor and manners; her hatred: these have helped, not hindered, her advancement in America.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED III (6/12): NEW COLUMN: N.Y, Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster

  1. Christopher Paul Condon

    I don’t know what the situation is now, but the Yale Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry used to have a terrible reputation as a bastion of establishment psychiatry.

  2. Christopher Paul Condon

    I graduated from Yale College. My observation about Yale students is that they are very intelligent. Intelligence, however, is not the same as knowledge. Yale students and faculty have a lot of esoteric knowledge, but are deficient in basic knowledge. They know a lot about Andy Warhol, Glenn Gould, Arnold Schonberg, and Franz Kafka, but very little about economics. Nearly all of our elite universities, with maybe one or two exceptions, have very poor departments of economics. Their knowledge of basic historical events is also weak. When it comes to historical events like the Industrial Revolution, WWI, WWII, the Civil War, and the Great Depression, they talk very fast and may be quite eloquent, but they have all the facts wrong.

  3. Ilana Mercer Post author

    What you are describing is more than knowledge deficiency: It’s a lack of critical faculties, a herd-like penchant for trendiness and progressive deconstruction of reality, etc. These students have been selected for something other than the G Factor. By the way, I love Glenn Gould. You are talking a different age, time. I’d welcome a young person who even knew of Schoenberg, however awful his scheme certainly was. And it was.

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