Richard Spencer Forces The Truth About Demographics Out Of Me

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Richard Spencer forced the Meta out of me on demographics. He was probably right to do it. In a blog post,Candace Owens In Immigration Wonderland, ‘Discovers’ Demography,” I had marveled at how Candace has discovered a plot to change the country’s demographics and thanked Tucker for helping her get the word out.

Hmm. I wonder what Peter Brimelow, Michelle Malkin, Steve Sailer, Ann Coulter or myself have been writing about for decades? Next, Candace will discover that, “legal immigration is the real catastrophe.” (from “IMMOLATION BY IMMIGRATION,” 2003.)

Tweeted Richard:

Ilana, how long are you guys going to complain about “demographics”? If your goal is to sustain a 1950s White America, that is clearly impossible at this point. Secondly, Hispanic waves are clearly not decisive in creating cultural change; they might even be retardant. …


You guys have this issue, to which you have no real solution, but which you can complain about *endlessly*.


“You guys”? U lump my thinking b/c you haven’t read it w/care. Had u, you’d know I no longer write about immigration for a reason, to quote 11/020: “U might have to accept the Tipping Point has arrived.” I focus on anti-politics & ethnocide awareness, notice? Think before u lump, sir.


Fair enough. Just reacting to the people you mentioned. Ann Coulter discovered demographics precisely at the point that nothing could be done. She’ll have a lot to whine about in upcoming columns.


Republicans keep the dance going; like liars that they are, the players move into opposition place to pretend ‘Democrats did it; they ended America.’ Maybe it’s good you made me state where I am. But it’s obvious from my focus. The Candace blog post was a historic comment.

 I try not to broadcast the Mercer meta, because of dumb clones, but careful readers will have noticed a focus on dismantling [conservative] Orwellian speak, in service of combating enthnocide a la South Africa. I’m in anti-politics, GOP/RIP mode, highlighting duopoly politics as Big LIE.

As for Candace Owens, let me repeat: “A media conservative has no intellectual history or coherent philosophy; he or she is but a grab-bag of talking points. For the media conservative, the history of ideas begins when he or she gets their TV gig. All is tabula rasa before that. The GOP circus goes on—on TV.”

2 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Forces The Truth About Demographics Out Of Me

  1. Ian “Red” Rivers

    This was a great exchange for hashing out the way things stand at the present time. I read all of your columns, but had forgotten the line about the tipping point. Looking back, I’m sure I was still too heavily invested in election fraud, waiting with bated breath for Sydney Powell to unleash the Kraken. Indeed, I think it is time to forget politics (let the GOP really work for that vote) and start getting acquainted with who we’ve got on our side, and figuring out what we’re going to do going forward. If Tucker & Candace are 18 years behind you (us), it’s already too late.

    Funny thing, last night Tucker was making fun of how many times Kamala talked about addressing the root causes of immigration from the 3rd World, while on her trip to Central America. But don’t he and Owens engage in the same behavior, whenever they equate CRT with Marxism? The difference, of course, is that Kamala & the Dems know they’re peddling bullshit, but know it’ll satisfy enough of the clueless into thinking they’re trying to stop illegal immigration, while they fill the red states with future Democrats. If Carlson & Owens got rid of every commie left on earth, they’d still have BLM & CRT & anti-whiteness to contend with.

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