Not a System; But Life Itself

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I missed the Republican debate last night. The weekly, WND column was to be devoted to that bit of sparring. But lo, 8:00 PM EST rolled round, and there was no debate on CNN, FoxNews and Business, MSNBC, etc. There were references to The Debate, but the newsmen who’re supposed to say, Where, What, When, Why, Who—they refuse to give it up when the ratings don’t accrue to their network.

Here is the “Complete Transcript of the Hanover Economic Debate.”

Hermann Cain promised to “re-establish confidence in our system.” “Our system.” How I hate that phrase. Everyone uses it with reference to the voluntary free market.

Such crude utilitarianism.

“The free market—it has not been unfettered for a very long time—is really is a spontaneously synchronized order comprising trillions upon trillions of voluntary acts that individuals perform in order to make a living. Introduce government force and coercion into this rhythm, and you get life-threatening arrhythmia. Under increasing state control, this marketplace—this magic, organic agora—starts to splutter and people suffer.” [By The Free Woman]

They all call it The System. It is not. The free market is a sacred extension of life itself.

Remember the cult, 1967 British television series, “The Prisoner”? Google “I am not a number—I am a free man!”. (Whenever “Number 6” (the individual) attempted to escape from “The Village” (the collective), a giant balloon called “Rover” gave chase and subdued him.)

The free market is us; at least everyone of us who is not a moocher or a looter. If this “collective” had a voice it would scream, “I am not a system I am life itself.”

7 thoughts on “Not a System; But Life Itself

  1. Dennis

    Ilana, one should know when one is in deep merde. There are numerous stories out there about such inoffensive activities such as: kids and lemonade stands, Girl scout cookie sales, tree houses built by parents for their kids and the requirement for a BUILDING PERMIT, Salt-on-Food Limits, WET LAND Restrictions on building on land obviously not a swamp. ad infinitum.

    The only thing I can suggest at this time is to get a list of all Ordinances used in the smallest government entity imposing them on you and inform your representatives of why certain ones should be removed.

    Get the small fish to respond because it just may bring the big fish around.

    [True; I just got a shakedown for a home-alarm. But who has the time and energy…]

  2. Robert Glisson

    First we had tribes and fighting for territory in order to obtain goods and services. Next came the organized dictatorships from city states that controlled goods and services. Third, free trade and civilization with individual freedom expanded when everyone could develop their own goods and services or trade them for other goods and services. Those who wish to become dictators, cannot tolerate free trade for that reason. Socialist’s are dictators in the name of the state; therefor, free trade of any type has to go if the world is to be controlled, including the kid’s stuff. After all, they might grow up to be one of those dreaded businessmen if you encourage them.

  3. My RON-PAUL i

    The debate was on Bloomberg TV (I found out half-way through it) – the most impressive part of the debate was Julianna Goldman.

    Romney, Gingrich, and Cain defended the original “save the economic system” bailout with the usual “nuance” blather.

    Every 4 years, these political clowns promise to restore “America’s Greatness” – whether its McCain or Romney or Obama or whatever. America has “lost its way” under the previous Fuhrer but if you elect ME, I will restore all …. “chicken in every pot” “full dinner pail” “40 acres and a mule” “bridge to the 21st Century” “Hope and Change” …

    Maybe these egomaniac morons should just leave the country alone to RESTORE ITSELFlike the late great Warren Gamliel Harding did in the 1920-1921 depression.

  4. Dennis

    1. Ilana…I’ll see what I can do.

    2. Glisson…OK, hitting the nail on the head!

    I think the world needs a “SUSIE’S LEMONADE” REVOLUTION. Next time you watch the commercial, i.e. it’s a Verizon one, note all the high-tech logistics & Supply / Demand Chain systems being used.

    The whiners involved in the “OCCUPY” gatherings need to stop being babies. My best friend lost his mother when he was 12: he lost his father when he was 17. He started with a paper route when he was 12, went to school and worked, advanced through the ranks, worked extra sideline jobs, and, yes, he can be a bit of a grump, BUT HE IS HONEST, DEPENDABLE, AND LOYAL. AND HE DOES NOT LITTER.

    These Occupy-weenies are laughable.

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