Dr. Pauli Tries Frothing Over Gay Marriage, But Fails

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The Presidency: Powerless and Oh-So-Powerful by Myron Pauli The endlessly long presidential election is underway and we will be bombarded that the 2016 is the most important event in the Universe since The Big Bang. The reality is that the office of the presidency is nearly powerless in most of the “issues” being debated about […Read On]


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By Myron Pauli The 2015 Republicans rest upon 3 fundamental pillars: [1] SUPPORT OF “FAMILY VALUES”: whereby government promotes abstinence education, school prayer, and the old “Leave It To Beaver” lifestyle of sexual abstinent; of heterosexuals who married until death do us part with no drugs, abortions, or much booze. Those values were nostalgic and […Read On]

‘Defining Deviancy Down’: Dr. Pauli Diagnoses

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“More toleration and respect for humanity can be found at a bowling alley or meat-packing plant than in most liberal-arts departments or law schools at modern American universities,” says Myron Pauli, PhD. Today is the 289th Birthday of George Mason, a man as forgotten as the Bill of Rights he fought for. Those antiquated notions […Read On]

Once There Were Great Immigrants: How The Paulis Came To America

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The gifted Dr. Myron Robert Pauli (who is related to Wolfgang Pauli, a pioneer in quantum mechanics) is a wonderful dad to daughter Anna. Here Myron shares with us the remarkable story of the patriarch Pauli, who came to America the old-fashioned—when no “welfare-bums” were allowed—and sired Myron. How The Paulis Came to America By […Read On]