UPDATED: Paul In National Polls (Independents’ Vote Ripe for Ron Paul)

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January 16th, 2012: If the November election were held today, a CNN/ORC International Poll released Monday shows Ron Paul is almost statistically tied with Obama, with the president at 48% and the longtime congressman at 46%.

The CNN/ORC International poll has Obama beating Paul by a slim 48%-46% margin, but add in the margin of error and it is basically tied. The same goes for Romney’s 48%-47% lead over the president. The poll shows Obama easily beating the other Republican candidates.


Here are all the Ron Paul South Carolina FOX Debate Highlights:

There is a difference between defense spending and “military spending,” and between what Eisenhower called the military-industrial-complex and national defense.

Let us not rehash the Paul drug-war racism comments, which I dissected in “Diane (Sawyer) in Disneyland (The Homo-eroticism of Left-Liberalism)”

UPDATE (Jan. 18): The New York Times concedes that “a majority of independent voters have soured on BHO’s presidency, disapprove of how he has dealt with the economy and do not have a clear idea of what he hopes to accomplish if re-elected. … Two-thirds of independent voters say he has not made real progress fixing the economy.”

What amazes me, and I can only presume that some statistical error has crept into the data (such as a bias toward giving a favorable answer for fear of being labeled You Know What), is that “38 percent of all voters BHO favorably.”

The independents vote is ripe for Ron Paul.

UPDATE II: Unfortunately, Paul repeated the leftist rant he delivered in New Hampshire about how drug laws are enforced in the United States, pointing out that black men are incarcerated at disproportionate rates. (“How many times have you seen the white rich person get the electric chair?” he asked. “If we really want to be concerned with racism…we ought to look at the drug laws.”)

I said on 01.07.12 that, as a rightist I abjure anti-drug laws on the grounds that they are wrong, not racist. The fact that these laws ensnare blacks is because blacks are more likely to violate them by dealing drugs or engaging in violence around commerce in drugs, not necessarily because all cops are racists.

Cops deal with the reality of crime. It is an error—and wrong—to accuse them all of targeting blacks when the latter actually commit more crimes in proportion to their numbers in the population. This is also a losing strategy with rightists. It is akin to aping Obama, who went hell-for-leather at Sgt. James Crowley, calling him a racist for mishandling his pal Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. That strategy helped BHO lose the midterms.

“Dennis Prager offers stats showing judicial system is biased against whites, not blacks”:

…it is clear that blacks are actually under-represented in executions.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, an anti-death-penalty organization, between 1976 and January 2012, 441 blacks (35 percent of the total) and 717 whites (55 percent of the total) were executed. Given that blacks committed more than half the murders during that time (52 percent versus 46 percent by whites), if we are to assess racial bias based on proportionality of murderers executed, the system is biased against whites, not blacks.
Because this fact is both obvious and irrefutable, virtually none of the anti-death-penalty sites note it. Instead, they focus on the race of murder victims and even the race of prosecutors – in other words, the race of just about everyone except those convicted of murder.

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Paul In National Polls (Independents’ Vote Ripe for Ron Paul)

  1. Solo

    One cannot help but wonder where Paul could have been had the Republicans actually supported him, and the MSM paid some attention (not negative) to Paul.

  2. JP

    What’s somewhat interesting to me is that Democrats seem to think dr. Paul is the best GOP candidate. At least, that’s the impression I get from John Stewart’s “The Daily Show”: he caricatures and tears apart all the other candidatges, but he and the audience seem to have a sort of quiet reverence for Ron Paul. I wonder if he can capitalise on that somehow.

  3. Fred Cummins

    It all comes down to whether America as a Nation wants to be a copy of the European Socialist Failure or a Strong Sovereign liberty loving Country. Ron will do everything he can to put us back on the road to freedom and wealth while the others will drift toward socialism. No matter what they say they are all part of the problem, with the exception of Paul.

  4. greenhell

    Jon Stewart and his audience do appreciate Ron Paul and do respectfully disagree with him. However, the newsletters greatly damage him with that crowd for whom there is no greater sin than racism, except perhaps failing to recognize racism. Comments on articles about Ron Paul that I see on left-leaning sites range from calling him “a racist” to “a heartless, racist Republican” to a “fucked-up, racist old coot”. It comes up every time, no matter what the article is about.

    I don’t see many of them voting Paul, except for a silent few who know better to say anything for fear of being labeled a racist too.

  5. My Ron-Paul i

    Notice how the “moderators” tend to ask him only foreign policy questions where he is likely to be unpopular and not economic questions??

    Notice how scumbag Bret Baier always tries to place words into Ron Paul’s mouth?

    We tried people like the Rudolph Hoss, Commandant of Auschwitz, far more of a mass murderer than Bin Laden and I have heard no reason the Seals did not take him alive back for trial. The War in Libya was totally idiotic (murdering someone who had come clean on his nuclear weapons program) and unconstitutional. Ron Paul, sadly, is running for the nomination of the Bush-McCain paranoid bloodthirsty Warmonger Republican Party who would prefer Obama to Paul (as Romney’s dad preferred Lyndon Johnson to Goldwater).

    The non-Fox media will do what they can to re-elect Messiah Obama whether it is casting “vulture capitalist” Mitt Romney as Ebenezer Scrooge or “racist” Ron Paul as the head of the Ku Klux Klan. The sheeple will probably follow what the media tells them to do. Even in the unlikely event that Ron Paul won the Republican nomination, Fox and Limbaugh and the neocons would pile on him as much as the Times and MSNBC.

  6. Rebel Without a Clause

    Democrat apparatchiks and media flacks like Paul because they want him to go 3P, & put the Republicrat Party out of its misery by throwing the election to Zero. Given his equivocal statements lately, I can’t figure what Paul’s game is. Paving the way for his son in 2016? Too little, too late. The time to crash the System is now, and RP can do just that by going 3P: an Obama 2nd term with < than 45% of the vote won't last a week.

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