Peter Brimelow On Extant Vs. Ex-Paleolibertarians

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Peter Brimelow, one of the best minds in the paleo movement (I think of Peter as a paleolibertarian), has something nice to say about me on

“ doesn’t seem to have responded to Arthur Pendleton’s [1] analysis of its sad regression from Paleolibertarianism to the left-liberal mean, except to post this [2] pathetic theoretical twaddle by Butler Shaffer, essentially arguing that immigration is OK because only private property owners can have the right to forbid trespass. See what we mean? There’s a reason why none of Ayn Rand’s protagonists had families: this entire non-atomistic dimension of the humanity experience is missing from modal libertarianism. It’s not missing from the writing of [3] Ilana Mercer, who combines libertarianism with an appreciation of the nation and the dangers of immigration in a recent WorldNetDaily column [4] Israel: Role model for America. Paleolibertarianism exists, it just apparently needs a new home.”