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A genteel soiree? A sedate supper befitting times of austerity? Those are not for our BHO. High culture? Forget that. It’s disco time at the White House. It’s boogie time, as Beyonce shakes her pelvis along side Mr. and Mrs. BHO. Byron York (via Larry Auster) gives us the lowdown:

“At a time when the unemployment rate stands at 9.9 percent, when jobs are still being lost, when worries about the global economy are causing breathtaking volatility on Wall Street, when millions of Americans who still have jobs are worrying more than ever about the safety of their retirement savings — at a time when all that is going on, the Obama White House has turned itself into a showcase of glitzy extravagance.”

Wednesday night’s White House state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon was, as far as the dinner itself was concerned, a fairly routine, if sumptuous, affair. The East Room was a grand setting, and First Lady Michelle Obama brought in a favored Chicago chef to put together a complex and expensive menu. “The main course of Oregon wagyu beef came with a Oaxacan black mole sauce with more than 20 ingredients that takes days to come together,” reported the Associated Press.

Of course state dinners are supposed to be special. But where the Obama/Calderon affair really hit the heights was in the festivities after the dinner, which took place in a huge tent

Press your nose to the window, HERE..

What inspired this title is a more honest, self-supporting endeavor than this state-extravaganza—the MTV series, “Pimp my Ride.”

19 thoughts on “Pimp My President

  1. Barbara Grant

    This kind of scenario works well in the Third World, most of whose people are used to looking at lavish spending by elites relative to their own poor conditions, and not thinking a second thought about the differences. It is, or should be, insulting to Americans. If Main Street Americans are struggling to make ends meet, why must we fork over our hard earned cash so that Barack and Michelle, and their elite guests, can watch Beyonce’s bump and grind act? This is sickening.

  2. Michael Scott

    I sorry, I know I’m supposed to be concerned about the troops and the poor, but I am liking the president more and more.

    In fact, President Obama may be more entertaining than President Clinton.

  3. Steve Hogan

    A disgusting display. Clearly this man is living in a bubble. Hopefully the reality check happens in November. I don’t think we can afford to wait until 2012.

  4. Mike Marks

    What a great title for your article! It’s creative, blunt, honest, and funny.

  5. Myron Pauli

    With Lewinsky keeping Bill and the Congress occupied, the budget was nearly balanced. As far as I am concerned, the President and the Congress can engage in any private personal debauchery of their choice if they will at least STOP increasing government via (a) idiotic wars, (b) asinine unconstitutional regulations, and (c) socialistic welfare dependency “XYZ-care” programs. Since we pay farmers to not grow food and we can pay these megalomaniacs to stop running our lives!

  6. Myron Pauli

    Elaborating on my post – if the Federal Governmnent actually enforces border security (so that we do not have 1 million tresspassers coming into Arizona and other states EACH YEAR), all 535 members of Congress and the President should be entitled to their own personal Argenintian pin-up boy/girl/transgendered of their choice!

  7. sunny black

    I understand your desire to Pimp My Prez. The problem is that, even with the fancy exterior this guy is always going to be a lemon.

  8. james huggins

    We elected this cheap, neighborhood hustler to the presidency. Why should we be shocked when he and his entourage act the part.

  9. Nora Brinker

    Auster states that Michelle’s style and attractiveness is what her husband’s presidency is to America, namely “a deliberate transgression, aimed at redefining it as something else”.

    While there’s certainly some truth in this, I have increasing doubts about the “deliberate” bit. [Agreed; no conspiracy there.]

    I am going to blog about this, and literally hundreds of photographs and countless reports later, I am left with the impression that the Obamas are not more than embarrassingly lower middleclass little people who are enjoying their time in the limelight too much and don’t quite twig what has happened to them. What I find much more interesting (and disturbing) is the reaction of the American public to them. How can anybody with a clear eyesight and no brain damage even begin to compare Michelle O. with Jackie K.

    The Obamas are just serving as a catalyst to the frightful lowering of standards — and that goes far beyond Michelle’s execrable sartorial taste.

    I may be wrong.

  10. George Pal

    Black Mole Sauce is a Mexican sauce and highly labor intensive. Hint, hint.

  11. Barbara Grant

    At the risk of being repetitive, I don’t like this at all. If our “leaders” were putting this fest on with their own money (ha!) I wouldn’t object. But times are hard for the average American, whom Obama certainly does not represent.

    His guests shouldn’t have received an elaborate Mexican fiesta; they should have been eating burritos from Taco Bell. Until the economy improves.

  12. Nick Danger

    It’s nice to see all you racists gathered here together in one little chatroom.

  13. Nora Brinker

    Mrs. Mercer, I followed the link you added to my comment. I see that those stomach-garotting devices Mrs. O. is so fond of wearing are not just noted by me. To say something nice about her, if anything, the previous Mrs. Sarkozy was even less fit for a comparison with Mrs. K., and that says a lot. If I feel like it, I may blog about Mrs. O., the current Mrs. Sarkozy and the wife of the new British Prime Minister, who make an interesting trio.

  14. FishEagle

    @ Nick Danger. You must be so proud of having such an effect on people. With a single accusation of racism you are able to shut us all up. On the internet we are still able to stay anonymous and risk expressing our true opinions without facing any horrible real life threats. So here, on forums like these, we still bravely take one or two chances. In reality we fear the power that people like you wield over us. Unfortunately for you, since you show so little interest in other people’s ideas and opinions, you have found yourself in the exact same situation.

  15. Robert Glisson

    Nick Danger 11:27, “It’s nice to see all you racists gathered here together in one little chatroom.” Question: According to Wiki online, Racist is “Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.[1] As a practice, it means the same than racial discrimination. In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or receive preferential treatment.” Please highlight the referenced ‘Racial behavior’ in this article or comments or if unable to show their racial bias, apologize to the host and readers. Otherwise, we will know who is the real racist.

  16. Steve Hogan

    Nick, you’re a class act. When in doubt, and certainly when you lack an actual argument, resort to the race card. So predictable.

    Why don’t you do something original for an Obama Kool-aid drinker and come up with evidence for your assertion. Drop the race-baiting and think for a change. I dare you.

  17. Vrye Denker

    Gee, a Jewish woman siding with WASPs surely must be the biggest racist of all.

  18. Nora Brinker

    As a non-American, this discussion always baffles me. Did I get that right? So IF we are discussing the Obamas AT ALL it must be in the most complimentary and non-questioning way not to be racist. And THAT is not racist?

  19. james huggins

    I hate to lump people together but Nick Danger is pretty typical. He can’t discuss issues on their merits so he falls back on the old “racist”, “bigot” rant of the issue starved liberals. This clown isn’t worthy of discussion. Just the disrespect he so richly deserves.

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