Pervading Liberalism Perverts

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The liberal worldview that saturates our society accounts for why the constructs applied to every-day moral dilemmas are perverse and perverted. Thus, to raise the perfectly proper question of the infringement on private property rights and freedom of association that is the Civil Rights Act of 1964—this is framed as racist; as an act that casts aspersions on the personality and core values of the actor.

Yet for an Hispanic advocacy group, the “Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund,” with a wink and a nod from the officials of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township, to issue illegal aliens with a document that masquerade as an official stamp of approval—this is cast, not as forgery, usurpation of authority, etc., but as a helpful “solution” to the problem of trespass.

Since this last “initiative” so obviously comes from the “Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund,” who are the liberal, local, law-enforcement to reject the Illegal Alien’s Club ID card?

“… the Princeton police departments and the Mercer County sheriff’s and prosecutor’s offices have endorsed their use.”

Fox News reported, approvingly, that law-enforcement believes it’ll help them in their law-enforcement activities. Flash a La Raza I.D. card at the cop and he’ll crack a smile and wave you by.

Arizona is also removing—horrors!—from classrooms teachers with heavily accented or ungrammatical English. In its report, Fox News applied the race construct to this welcome news, but not to the segment it aired about the wonders of St. Augustine College, the blacks-only school that fasttracks pigmentally endowed kids into Ivy universities and government positions about which WASPs can only dream.

Asking English teachers in an English-speaking country to speak properly is an act of racial supremacy; barring whites from a school in the same country—not at all.

Examining only certain stories through the prism of race is, in itself, a form of subliminal, subtle propaganda.

10 thoughts on “Pervading Liberalism Perverts

  1. George Pal

    It’s a concise taxonomy that guides progressives: nature good – people bad; and, sun people good – ice people bad.

    If you know that you know your place; if you don’t, you’ve been denied your ‘right’ to an ‘education’.


    OK…Here we go again. This “English Language” concern is no small or laughing matter. Please note that just a few years ago, a not-so-insignificant individual posited a statement, paraphrased here, IT DEPENDS ON WHAT THE DEFINITION OF “IS” IS. Please, take an authoritative LEXICOGRAPHICAL dictionary and research the following words: bigotry, discriminate, prejudice, racism. Next, research Walter E. Williams, PhD and his article explaining these words. So, before Rand Paul is subjected to more attacks of “racism”, perhaps those attackers should be subjected to an analysis of the words they use in their attacks. U.S. laws and U.S. educational programs are based on English as the medium of information conveyance. Or, should we revert to hieroglyphics for clarity? Speak and write accurate English…what a novel idea!

  3. MonkeyBoy

    St. Augustine College is not a black-only college and Whites are not barred from it.

    [Wikipedia: “Saint Augustine’s College is a historically black college located in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The college was founded in 1867 in Raleigh, North Carolina by prominent Episcopal clergy for the education of freed slaves.” Here is a typical picture of the graduates. We generally don’t publish posters who do no provide an email address. Fibbing is also not welcome.]

  4. Roy Bleckert


    You have your own County ?

    “Mercer County” LOLLLLL !!!!!!

  5. Myron Pauli

    I wonder if the good people of Princeton will issue me an ID card to allow me into their “eating clubs”. The real sting (or is it the last laugh) will occur when the next Mohammed Atta winds up with one of these ersatz ID cards – although, in fairness, trusting ID cards is not a substitute for competent police work. Of course, our federal Immigration and Naturalization “Service” RENEWED Mohammed Atta’s visa after he had already hit the World Trade Center:

    I am not sure that there is a disagreement between you and Monkeyboy on St. Augustine’s college. The college (whose distinguished alumni are almost all in the field of athletics according to Wikipedia) may be 99% black but no one is really being violated by their private decisions (similar to the examples I previously cited of the black strip joints in DC or the kosher greasy-spoon “Chinese restaurant” in Maryland).

    The irony of the leftist attack on private property is that the biggest racial disparities facing minorities are in governmental services such as the GOVERNMENTAL SCHOOL systems (compare DC with Fairfax County VA) yet the media would have one believe that private companies are all would-be Klansmen.

  6. Gringo Malo

    Subliminal? Subtle? Huh? Are we reading the same press?

    Most people take me for a white boy, and my Spanish consists entirely of obsenities, but I wonder whether the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund would give me one of their cards. If the next amnesty bill is anything like the one passed a few years ago, we’ll all want to achieve illegal alien status. I also wouldn’t mind establishing an alternate identity or two, so as to buy firearms without federal registration, or to use should I become a fugitive from a re-education camp. Call me Ismael. 🙂

  7. Roy Bleckert

    JH- “Why would a white kid want to go to a black school?”

    Why should anyone care why a white kid wants to go to a black (or whatever) school? I don’t it is his biz on why he wants to go there

  8. Vrye Denker

    I guess I should drop German and Japanese and learn Spanish. That way, when I visit friends in the US, I can get a tan and claim to be latin american. My ancestors on my mother’s side are Portuguese, so I am confident I’ll look just like your average Brazilian.

    Don’t worry though, my culture’s work ethic has been praised by the Japanese (I’m sure that must mean something).

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