Remembering “Mad Dog” Sneddon’s Mentor: Janet Reno

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(To get the real deal on the Michael Jackson case read “Mad Dog” Sneddon Vs. Michael Jackson. ) Without the defense his money afforded (Thomas Mesereau Jr.), Jackson would’ve probably been imprisoned for 18 years! In all likelihood, he’d have perished in the pokey. People with modest means could not have mustered the resources to win. Think back to the day care child sex abuse witch hunt that gripped the nation in the 1980s. Over 400 children, stoked by hysterical mothers and lethal therapists (most of whom have retained their professional credentials), accused day care workers, parents, and teachers of the kind of perversities that would’ve made the Marquis de Sade blush. The accusations (also the evidence in court) would’ve also befuddled the infamous sexual sadist, because they involved copulation with clowns, spaceships, robots, and mythical creatures. Still, children don’t lie, remember? In any event, victims were imprisoned absent corroborative evidence—no blood, semen or evidence of battery was ever produced. Kelly Michaels, Gerald Amirault, and the Breezy Point day school ought to be household names—helpless victims of libel. The name of Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, the “Mad Dog” of Massachusetts, ought to live on in infamy. Janet Reno’s already does: then the Dade County State Attorney, Reno used these cases as a professional stepping stone, going on to commit even greater crimes.