UPDATE II: Right Response to Legalized Sexual Assault (Revenge Searches)

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HOWL is what this woman does with all the indignation and outrage she can muster, after her breasts were “touched” by the TSA. The woman’s heroic son films the event. All the while he is threatened by the Kapos—Kameradschaftspolizei, “comrade police force”—of Sky Harbor International in Phoenix and ignored by the sheeple shuffling by. I would be very afraid at Sky Harbor. It’s where “The Homeland Security State” came together in all its brutality to extinguish the life of the fragile Carol Anne Gotbaum. And look how brazen they are.

‘It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp’ advised travelers “to name and shame the perpetrators. fliers who’re frisked should document the name of the particular TSA perp who pawed them, and expose him on the Internet. Footage of the victims is everywhere, but the agents—the stars in these horror films—remain nameless and faceless. Name, shame, and dissociate from them.”

NEXT, and before anything else—the debt-ceiling pseudo-debate can wait—our overlords who art in DC must stop this. The Tea-Party “freshmen” are getting stale. They’ve done nothing to make the TSA cease and desist. They must forthwith.

UPDATE I (June 6): Via Shelly Roche: “Congress strikes down body scanners”: “Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman Robert Aderholt’s (R-AL) proposed legislation, the Fiscal Year 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, denies the $76 million that US President Barack Obama requested to be used toward the scanners. As per Obama’s request, the funds would provide for nearly 300 additional body scanners being deployed across US airports, as well as the employment of a staff of over 500 needed to operate them. …”

The Politburo and its piecemeal tokenism. A “nuisance and slow”: That’s the stale, utilitarian reason one Tea party freshman uses to motivate against the state’s new meat irradiation program.

Via Shelly Roche: MORE.

UPDATE II (June 7): REVENGE SEARCHES. I made the point that in certain places along the traveler’s US route, he encounters racial revenge. I certainly did. I analyzed it in “Congress: Call Off Your TSA Attack Dogs!”:

America’s airports are ugly, militarized places. As I write, malicious assaults on person and property are underway there, carried out by the detritus of humanity, and with federal imprimatur. The TSA workforce manning crucial sections of the air terminals reflects the federal government’s legislated preference for angry minorities. Each one of these workers seems singularly intent on exacting revenge upon his or her perceived oppressors. The alternative media (Anderson Cooper and his ilk are excluded) must insist that these perpetrators be tagged, collared, and impounded.

Picture Los Angeles, and hundreds of British seniors, who still have some British character left—that typical linguistic acerbic bite included—being molested for hours-on-end in the heat.

[W]hen a handful of the [tourists] questioned whether the lengthy security checks at the port were strictly necessary for a group of largely elderly travellers officials were not amused.
Although they had already been given advance clearance for multiple entries to the country during their trip, all 2,000 passengers were made to go through full security checks in a process which took seven hours to complete.

As tourists and American travelers are assaulted, this country’s Idiocracy continues to entertain Palin’s roving circus, as well as busy itself with the measly contents of Weasel Weiner’s trousers.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Right Response to Legalized Sexual Assault (Revenge Searches)

  1. JP Strauss

    It reminds me of a few “pedo priest” cases I have read of where the priest would ask his victim “how DARE you refuse GOd’s love!”. Only these people don’t represent the Catholic God, but the modern god that is the state. “How DARE you refuse the love of the state!”.

  2. Dan Jeffreys

    Say, JP you’ve given me an idea here. Registered sex offenders have a hard time getting work once they get out of prison, this could be the perfect gig for them! Seriously though, I refuse and will continue to refuse to fly until this nonsense stops. I have no reason for international travel and as far as having a family emergency or something that would require traveling to another state in a short period of time, I have an LS1 trans am and a radar detector for that.

  3. jSinSaTx

    I do not know why one would expect any intervention or sympathy from those passing by. Humans have a strong tendency to be passive unless somehow a whole mob gets going and then they tend to conform to the mob.

    The people walking by simply want to get on about there day and do not view someone else’s situation as cause to be either inconvenienced or hassled.

  4. Robert Glisson

    One needs to remember this is a licensed hunting ground for TSA. Deer that don’t want to be hunted, know to stay away. Just like I don’t go into a store or mall that has the pistol with a circle and crossed out line on it. She and her son did the next right thing, the right thing would be to take the bus.

  5. Myron Pauli

    Remember that the nook-you-lar terrorist Jose Padilla was captured on the BATTLEFIELD known as O’ Hare Airport. Granny’s breasts, Suzie’s teddy bear, or Pauli’s yogurt – what does it matter to an American public who applauds assassination and waterboarding? How dare that guy operate his camera in a security zone? Sure, the TSA has never caught a real terrorist and has wasted over $ 2 Billion on shoe fondling alone but the American Sheeple go along because they prefer the illusion of safety to liberty.

    I’m glad that I have a non-stop flight to the Pacific north west this summer (my first “voluntary” flying in 4 years) – no sense risking too many airports.

    As for the rightists in the so-called Tea Party – maybe 20% give a hoot for civil liberties and the others applaud people like Michelle Malkin who write books justifying sending 110,000 Americans to “concentration camps” (FDR’s own terminology) for no substantive reason and (far worse) keeping them incarcerated for years.

    Rule of law! – Bill of Rights! – fuggedaboudit!

  6. JP Strauss

    I predict that this will come to a head when one of the minor deities of one of the minority consciousness movements is fondled in the presence of his or her worshipers.

  7. Dennis

    “All-aboard! Last train for Auschwitz departing on Platform 666 – no TSA pat-downs necessary!”

    JSINSATX…YOU ARE CORRECT. However, TEXAS and TEXICANS may be that 20% who will actually stand and deliver an ultimatum to these unimaginative bureaucrats who, i.e. not able to apply intelligent,effective methods like the Israelis use, rely on the GROPE-A-DOPE method…a thrill a minute routine.

  8. Graham Strouse

    Replace all the TSA employees with Hooter’s waitresses & Chippendale’s dancers & just let passengers take their pick according to their proclivities. Granted, I could see how this might slow down air traffic even more, but I’ll bet would be having terrorists confess left & right. Just a thought.

  9. Myron Pauli

    In the article on “Congress cuts body scanners” – it says that the 500 machines caught 200 prohibited items in the last year – well, that is 0.4 / machine or around $ 300,000 per item to catch “prohibited items”. Yes – for $ 300,000, the machine can catch a tube of toothpaste, a nail file, a book of matches, or a 4 ounch tub of yogurt – oh boy!!!

    [Bellyaching laughter. Thanks for that.]

  10. JP

    Wasn’t it legal, not too long ago, to carry a firearm onto a flight? If so, how many “incidents” were reported?

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