Updated: S. African Savage Chants: 'Shoot To Kill' (AP Sympathetic)


You read about the notorious ANC Youth League president Julius Malema in “‘Kill The F—–g Whites’ In South Africa—Courtesy of FaceBook.” Here the barbarian performs the masterpiece, “Ayesaba Amagwala (The Cowards are Scared), and Dubulu ibhunu (Shoot all the Boers),” in person:

Update (April 6): The Associated Press’ MICHELLE FAUL depicts the racial tension rising in South Africa, pursuant to the farm murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche.

According to Ms. Foul, the white crowd, there to protest (gasp) a murder, was singing “the apartheid-era anthem in the Afrikaans language.” My God; you mean to say South Africans—who settled the continent at the time Americans settled this one—had a national life, much less an anthem before black majority rule!? How dare they conjure Die Stem.

While Die Stem is verboten, “Kill The Boer; Kill the Farmer” is described as an “anti-apartheid song.”

Brenda Abrams, a 30-year-old black businesswoman [BEEE] who was at the courthouse Tuesday to support the family of the younger accused, said a “big fuss” was being made about Terreblanche’s death.

The AP article is obviously considered a correct, or acceptable, take by Drudge, who linked to it. No surprise there.

4 thoughts on “Updated: S. African Savage Chants: 'Shoot To Kill' (AP Sympathetic)

  1. Myron Pauli

    Tutu, Mandela, and de Klerk all won Nobel PEACE PRIZES. Does one begin to notice a correspondence between the awarding of Peace Prizes and the rise of barbarism….. – hmmm, what’s next for “Occupied Palestine”???

  2. Hans Engelbrecht

    I would like nothing more than to meet this idiot alone. Then he can tell me how he wants to kill me. He’d better come armed.

  3. Daniel S.

    It is funny that the mainstream media, most of the time in the same report, will defend a black ANC leader singing about killing all the boers and will defame a Boer leader who was hacked to death while asleep as a “white supremacist” (which means basically Nazi to most everyone’s ears) when Eugene Terre Blance so far as I know only wanted to save Boers and white South Africans in general from being killed and dispossesed in a land they built up.

  4. Wanderer

    @Hans: Anton Barnard of praag.co.za challenged Malema to come and shoot him. The coward Malema did not show up.

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