UPDATED: Solyndra Scandal

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“This new factory [Solyndra] is a result of the Recovery Act, a result of those loans,” puled Barack Obama back in 2009. “The company received the loan and expanded their operations,” the man continues with arrogant certitude. The president really doesn’t understand how a viable market functions. The fact that Solyndra was awarded $527 million from the taxpayers (at $479,000 per temporary job created), and was seen to be doing spiffy stuff with the funds—this, thinks Obama, is sufficient to secure a profitable market for the product.

Chris Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism (Regnery, 2007), has the goods on the racket Obama is running for green energy’s special pleaders. Obama has created a bubble worth $80 billion dollars, stolen from productive workers and funneled into these unsustainable, gangrene “revenue streams”

The waste. The theft. The thug from Chicago.

UPDATE (Sept. 15): “At least four other companies have received stimulus funding only to later file for bankruptcy, and two of those were working on alternative energy,” reports Fox News. The companies implicate China in their uncompetitiveness. Prediction: American rent seeking will morph into a political opportunity for Donald-Trump like, bellicose synophobia. The perfect distraction.

5 thoughts on “UPDATED: Solyndra Scandal

  1. Dennis

    I am certain almost everyone who keeps abreast of the news has heard how LEMONADE STANDS run by young kids have been tagged for operating without licenses.

    But think for a moment…I contend that these kids know more about running a business than the idiots in D.C. and elsewhere who think they can run everything and everyone in this country.

    My recommendation is that all of them be forced to watch 100 hours of “SUSIE’S LEMONADE COMMERCIALS” and then be given tests to prove they have learned something about running a business and basic, non-Keynesian economics.

    ps They should be required to spend 100 hours MEMORIZING the Constitution and the Amendments so they know their limitations.

  2. james huggins

    The whole concept of government involvement in these crack pot schemes is laughable. Solar panels, windmills, green cars that sell from 40,000.00 to 80,000.00 and other foolish rat holes for the taxpayer’s money. Maybe we should track these disapearing billions of our money and see where it is all going.

  3. Jim

    Solyndra always appeared to be losing at least 50% on every unit sold. In what reality was that a good idea?

    Since racism does not apply, I predict that if the story gets more press, Obama will blame it on Bush.

    The other progressive talking point will be that we HAVE to continue funding this risky research because the private industry will not. No one will consider that it is not risk which prevents private capital, but reality.

  4. Stephen Bernier

    Would Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity apply: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”?

  5. james huggins

    I still ask: Where did all the money go? It seems there are more green utopian companies than Solyndra in trouble as the government is rushing to spend unused stimulus/porkulus funds with as many as 15 (?) more similar firms. Duh!! Even to a red state rube like me this is to much to swallow. HOW are they spending the money?

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